Poll Finds Democratic State Senators Lead in Nashville Mayoral Race

In a new poll of the Metro Nashville mayoral election released by Tennesseans for Student Success, State Senator Heidi Campbell (D-Nashville) leads the pack with 21.9 percent. State Senator Jeff Yarbro (D-Nashville) comes in second with 17 percent, and progressive Metro Council Member Freddie O’Connell comes in third with 15.6 percent.

The margin of error in the poll is 4.38%, with 500 participants taking part. 

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Clint Brewer: The Nashville Mayoral Race Is Shaping Up to Be Very Competitive and Interesting

Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report, host Michael Patrick Leahy welcomed recovering journalist Clint Brewer in studio to examine the widening field of Nashville mayoral candidates.

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Clint Brewer: ‘Senator Jeff Yarbro Is a Significant Addition to the Field for Mayor’ of Nashville

Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report, host Leahy welcomed public affairs specialist Clint Brewer in studio to comment upon the Nashville mayoral race field of candidates and the significance of Senator Jeff Yarbro.

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Legislature Approves Bill to Create Charter School Authorizing Commission

The Tennessee Senate on Thursday approved legislation creating an independent state commission to approve public charter schools in Tennessee. Sen. Brian Kelsey (R-TN-31) is the sponsor of SB0796. The tracking information is here. The bill, which also passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday, is a key part of Governor…

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Republicans in State Senate Did Not Support Bill To Secure Tennessee Voting Machines With Paper Ballot Audit Trail


When Democrat Senator Jeff Yarbro (D-Nashville) sponsored a bill earlier this year that would provide greater vote security by requiring that before January 1, 2020, electronic voting machines have the capability to create a voter verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) for each ballot cast and that the VVPATs be preserved…

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Commentary: Helping Children Succeed

In America, our students are grouped by chronological age and progress together through the K-12 system. While this might make sense socially, it ignores a student’s readiness. Students who start off struggling from the very beginning often can get a better start on their formal education if retained. Being promoted with their peer group only makes sense if they can make adequate academic progress.

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