Knoxville Police Warn of Imposters Scamming Residents

The Knoxville Police Department (KPD) is warning residents that scammers pretending to be police officers are attempting to swindle cash out of the city’s residents. 

“The KPD recently received another report of a scam call where an unknown suspect claimed to be a Knoxville Police Department officer and successfully swindled money and financial information from unsuspecting victims,” KPD said in a Twitter announcement. “The scammer claimed to need financial information and/or money to assist in the resolution of a pending criminal case.” 

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FBI Warns of Increase in ‘Sextortion’ of Tennessee College Students

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is warning Tennessee college students about what it calls “sextortion,” which it says is on the rise. 

“Tennessee college and university campuses have seen a marked increase in sextortion attempts aimed at students,” said the FBI’s Knoxville branch. “The suspects, often posing as college-aged female students, target unsuspecting students through dating apps and online social media platforms.”

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