Manufacturing Company Announces $95 Million Investment in Bedford County

Duksan Electera America, Inc. officials announced Wednesday that the company will invest $95 million to locate its first North American manufacturing facility in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Duksan Electera is a branch of the South Korean-based Duksan Group which is an advanced material manufacturer.

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Bedford County Mayor Chad Graham Announces Re-Election Campaign

Bedford County Mayor Chad Graham officially announced his re-election campaign on Friday in a press release.

“For many years, our county lagged behind surrounding counties in benefiting from regional economic growth,” Mayor Graham said in a statement. “While we certainly want an improved economic environment, we also don’t want to sacrifice our quality of life to unbridled growth, traffic congestion and crime. I believe we have the right approach and now is the time to continue building on our recent successes for the sake of future generations and make Bedford County even better.”

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Shelbyville Doctor Who Allegedly Overcharged TennCare Blasts State’s ‘Intricate Reporting Requirements’

TennCare reportedly overpaid nearly $300,000 of taxpayer money to a Shelbyville physician, according to a report that Tennessee Comptrollers released Thursday. The reported cited Joseph Howard Rupard for failing to accurately report TennCare visits and payments submitted to the state of Tennessee.

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Phil Bredesen and Tyson Foods Helped Shelbyville Become an Employment Magnet For Somali Refugees

Phil Bredesen

From the inception of the federal Refugee Admissions Program in 1980 until 2003, the first year of Phil Bredesen’s first term as governor of Tennessee, only a handful of Somali refugees were resettled in Tennessee by the federal government. That all changed in 2003. Between 2003 and 2011, Bredesen’s last…

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