Trump ‘Willing’ to Shut Down Government Over Border Wall Funding

President Donald Trump says he would “totally be willing” to partially shut down the government next week if he does not get more funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border to thwart Central American migrants from entering the country. The U.S. leader, who almost daily unleashes verbal attacks on…

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GOP Lawmakers in House Pass $15 Billion Spending Rescission Package

US Capitol

by Rachel del Guidice   The House of Representatives voted 210-206 Thursday night to claw back $15 billion in appropriated spending, making good on the lead of President Donald Trump, who submitted the rescission request last month. “The administration applauds today’s passage of H.R. 3, the Spending Cuts to Expired and Unnecessary Programs…

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House Passes $1.4 Trillion Tax Cut, 227-205

House Tax Cuts

With spines stiffened by a presidential pep talk, House Republicans easily approved a $1.4 trillion tax cut Thursday, taking the first big step toward a decades-overdue overhaul that the GOP hopes will send the economy soaring. Desperate for a legislative win, Republicans linked arms and plowed ahead, brushing aside Democratic…

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Senate and House Face Off Over Tax Reform

McConnell Ryan

After an embarrassing off-year election in New Jersey and Virginia last Tuesday, the Republican Party now faces the very real possibility that it could stumble on tax reform, perhaps sinking its majorities in the 2018 midterm elections. The Senate Republicans announced on Thursday the latest iteration of the White House…

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Bob Corker Contradicts Paul Ryan, Says He Will Not Support Tax Reform Unless Deficit Neutral

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan thinks the Republican tax plan will make it through the U.S. Senate, saying the framework was negotiated on the front end unlike the failed attempts at repealing and replacing Obamacare. “We have more consensus on tax reform as Republicans, and we have less consensus…

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Commentary: Will Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell Pass President Trump’s Tax Plan?

by CHQ Staff   President Trump has released the framework for his tax reform and reduction plan to positive reaction from conservatives. Our friends at the Club for Growth issued a statement saying, “Fundamental tax reform comes around only once in a generation, and this is our chance.  The outline…

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Commentary: Establishment Snakes on the Trump Train

Tennessee Star

by Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman The recent Twitter attacks emanating from the White House against the conservative heroes of the House Freedom Caucus have baffled and alarmed conservatives. However, the tweets shouldn’t be a big surprise. Personnel is policy. So, these tweets are an entirely predictable result of President…

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Conservative Group Calls for Ouster of Speaker Paul Ryan After Obamacare Repeal Failure

A conservative group called for the ouster of House Speaker Paul D. Ryan and the rest of the GOP leadership team Friday afternoon, just hours after they saw their Obamacare repeal effort crash and burn. David Bozell, president of ForAmerica, said Republicans had eight years to fashion a repeal bill…

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Commentary: Repeal Means Repeal!

  For the past six years the Republicans in Congress have repeatedly demanded that Obamacare be repealed and replaced. In fact the House has voted over 60 times to repeal Obamacare but were regularly blocked by the Democrat-controlled Senate under Majority Leader Harry Reid. When Republicans took control of the…

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Commentary: Republicans Should Remember the Lessons of the Scurrilous Path to Obamacare Passage

By George Rasley, CHQ In 2009 Democrats, flush with victory in the 2008 election and in control of the White House, Senate and House – a victory won largely on jobs and economic issues – embarked, not on the passage of a job creation and economic reform agenda, but on…

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