Republican AGs Push Back Against ‘Reckless’ Plan from Biden’s EPA That Could Further Hobble American Coal

by Nick Pope   Several state attorneys general are engaging in legal battles against President Joe Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to determine whether or not his administration will be able to impose its costly plan for implementing a regulation designed to further incapacitate the American coal industry. Multiple states…

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Attorneys General from 27 States Urge U.S. Congress Support ‘Right to Repair’ Law

Twenty-seven states’ attorneys general are asking Congress to pass Right to Repair legislation that they say will protect consumers, farmers and small businesses as inflation increases.

The bipartisan coalition’s letter said Right to Repair legislation targeted at automobiles, agricultural equipment and digital electronic equipment is about ensuring consumers have choices about where, when and at what cost they can get repairs, as well as ensuring small businesses can compete against original equipment manufacturers.

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Fourteen Republican Attorneys General Reviewing Legal Options over Biden Keystone Pipeline Action

Fourteen Republican state attorneys general wrote a letter to the White House, informing the president they were reviewing all legal options over his decision to nix the Keystone XL Pipeline permit.

The officials told President Joe Biden they were writing to him “with alarm” and urged him to reconsider his Keystone XL Pipeline executive order in the letter sent Tuesday.

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‘Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Is Funding an Effort to Secretly Embed an Army of Anti-Trump Attorneys Inside State Offices

Republican attorneys general are arguing that billionaire Michael Bloomberg is using his vast wealth to embed an army of lawyers into state offices for the purpose of taking on oil companies and President Donald Trump.

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