Tennessee General Assembly May Enable Illegal Immigrants to Acquire Commercial and Professional Licenses

The Tennessee General Assembly may be preparing to enable illegal immigrants to acquire commercial and professional licenses in the state.

The bill which could accomplish this, HB2309, narrowly passed in the Tennessee House of Representatives on Monday in a 56 to 35 vote, with 35 Republicans joining 15 Democrats and 3 Republicans present and not voting, led by bill sponsor State Rep. Bill Freeman (D-Nashville).

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State Senator Shane Reeves’ Fourth Annual Faith, Family and Freedom Event Celebrates God in America

MURFREESBORO, Tennessee — State Senator Shane Reeves held his fourth annual Faith, Family, and Freedom Event at The Grove at Williamson Family Farm in Murfreesboro. About three hundred people attended, and dinner was served as well. The night began with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Before Reeves began his speech, he informed those attending that Senator Bill Hagerty would not be speaking. “In case you have not noticed, but Senator Hagerty is not here. And he’s not going to pop out from behind the curtains here.

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