Cleveland Police Chief Resigns After New Mayor Elected

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams

Cleveland’s Chief of Police abruptly resigned in the wake of incoming Mayor Justin Bibb’s election Tuesday. 

“I said, if you’re not running for mayor, I’m out the door with you,” Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said Thursday, referring to outgoing Mayor Frank Jackson. “I only told a few folks, some of our command staff, my family and close friends that if the mayor wasn’t gonna be sitting in that seat in 2022, I wouldn’t be sitting in the seat next to him… This is my last official act as the Chief of this division. I’m gonna miss you guys.”

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US Legislatures Slow to Pass Laws Limiting Use of Force

A wave of police killings of young black men in 2014 prompted 24 states to quickly pass some type of law enforcement reform, but many declined to address the most glaring issue: police use of force. Six years later, only about a third of states have passed laws on the question.

The issue is at the heart of nationwide protests set off by the May 25 death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white police officer in Minneapolis pressed a knee into Floyd’s neck for several minutes while he pleaded for air.

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