Commentary: President Biden’s American Job Killing Tax Plan

There is a deep irony in President Joe Biden’s decision to start looking for support for his American Job Killing Tax Plan in Pittsburgh, Penn. 

And make no mistake: Biden’s so-called American Jobs Plan is a tax increase bill masquerading as an infrastructure bill – which is in turn masquerading as a jobs bill. It will not create jobs or ultimately improve our infrastructure. It will kill jobs and make infrastructure projects more expensive in time and money.  

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U.S. Rep. Diane Black Supports President Trump’s Tax Plan, Calling it ‘Pro-America’

U.S. Rep. Diane Black (R-TN-6), who is running for Tennessee governor, is supporting President Trump’s plan to fix the tax code, which was last updated by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. Black was recently endorsed in her gubernatorial bid by Reagan adviser Art Laffer. Laffer, who lives in Nashville, will serve as…

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Trump Tax Plan Eyes Cut to Deduction for High-Tax States That Subsidizes California and New York, Penalizes Tennessee

Tennessee Star

President Donald Trump’s tax plan, a broad and general plan that would make supply-siders such as Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp very happy, could be held up by a number of details that are making some Republicans nervous. One is the elimination of an income-tax deduction for high-tax states such…

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