Minnesota Teachers Union Plans to ‘Defeat Trumpism,’ Get Out ‘100 Percent’ of Teacher Vote in 2020

Minnesota’s largest teachers union has named “defeating Trumpism” and getting out 100 percent of the educator vote as some of its goals for the 2020 election cycle.

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Ohio Public School Worker Wins Back Pay Settlement in Lawsuit Over Forced Union Dues

An Ohio worker won settlement money from a public union after the union refused to honor her request to leave the union and continued to collect union dues. The union will have to fully refund her dues from the point at which she requested to leave it and stop collecting any union dues from her into the future.

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Tennessee Department of Education Under Fire For Administrative Incompetence

Steve Gill

Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill was flabbergasted on Monday’s edition of The Gill Report – broadcast on Knoxville’s 92.3 FM WETR – regarding the repeated incompetence displayed at the Tennessee Department of Education. Gill commented, “The Tennessee Department of Education has stepped in it again.” He continued: One of…

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