Judge Finds Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance ‘In Contempt of Court,’ Orders Fees Returned to PACs

Last week, a judge held a Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance agency, the Registry of Election Finance, in contempt of a previous permanent injunction and ordered the agency to return $64,000 in fees collected.

In 2018, the Registry of Election Finance, was ordered to cease the enforcement of Tenn. Code Ann. §2-10-121, which establishes a registration fee for multi-party political campaign committees because it was ruled to be unconstitutional. A permanent injunction against enforcement was issued.

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New Complaint Accuses Tennessee State Sen. Bill Powers of Ethics Violations

State Sen. Bill Powers (R-Clarksville) allegedly collaborated with the Clarksville-based Wyatt Johnson Automotive Group to illegally fund his campaign, according to a complaint someone filed with the Tennessee Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance.

Powers allegedly did this using in-kind donations, said the complaint, which The Tennessee Star received this week.

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