The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office Issues Report Providing Optimism, While Raising Questions Around K-3 Student Reading

A recently released report from the Tennessee Comptroller’s office shows that Tennessee K-3 students are making positive, albeit slight, growth in acquiring reading skills. Those conclusions were drawn from state-mandated K-3 universal reading screeners (URS), which all school districts are required to administer as part of legislation passed in 2021 during a Special Session of the General Assembly on education.

Legislators passed the Tennessee Literacy Success Act (TLSA), with the intent to ensure that students were on track to become proficient readers by the end of grade 3. The URS requirement was embedded in the bill as a means to safeguard taxpayer investment while delivering on promises made to Tennessee students.

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Tennessee Investigation Found Madison County Commissioner Unlawfully Charged $115K in ‘Gratuities’ for Officiating Marriages

A Madison County commissioner was found to have collected more than $115,000 in fees from 1,970 marriages unlawfully, according to an investigation from the state of Tennessee’s Comptroller office.

The commissioner would charge a $60 fee for marriages even though commissioners “may not charge a fee or demand any other form of compensation.”

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Tennessee Comptroller Audit Finds Providers Paid with Taxpayer Funds for Meals They Didn’t Serve

For the second consecutive year, an audit of Tennessee’s federally funded food programs showed a pair of programs requested reimbursements for meals the groups did not serve.

In the most recent report, the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office found that Nashville’s New Beginnings International Ministry and Shelby County’s Giving Youth a Chance requested reimbursements for meals that were not served.

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Haywood County Financial Issues Flagged Again by Tennessee Comptroller

A Tennessee Comptroller Office’s annual financial report of Haywood County had nine findings of deficiency for the second consecutive year.

Four of the findings in the report were a repeat of last year’s audit, which had found five of the nine findings were repeated from the previous year.

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Tennessee Comptroller Suspends COVID-19 Exemptions for Businesses

The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office this week suspended all exemptions that allowed businesses, governmental agencies, schools and other employers to impose COVID-19 vaccination as a condition to receive federal funds.

The decision, which Comptroller Jason E. Mumpower announced Wednesday, came after federal judges in Kentucky and Louisiana issued preliminary injunctions on Tuesday. It also follows a sweeping bill signed by Gov. Bill Lee on Nov. 12 that says government entities cannot require private businesses to instate COVID-19 mandates.

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Comptroller Report Shows Tennessee Public Schools Spent an Average Nearly $10K per Pupil in 2019-20 School Year

New data from the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office of Research and Education Accountability shows Tennessee public schools spent an average of $9,753 per student during the 2019-20 school year.

The comptroller data shows the Franklin Special School District had the highest per-pupil spending in the state at $15,582.19. Oak Ridge Schools was second at $13,041.51 per pupil, and Metro Nashville Public Schools was third at $12,374.33 per student. Union County Public Schools had the lowest spending per pupil at $7,935.77.

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IRS Penalizes Jackson County, Tennessee Over Obamacare

The Internal Revenue Service fined Jackson County officials a sum of $86,147 for failing to comply with Obamacare, according to an audit Tennessee Comptrollers released Tuesday. That penalty money, of course, will come from county taxpayers. This is the third county in Tennessee this calendar year that must pay a…

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Audit: Rhea County Officials Misspent Taxpayer Money in Several Ways

Rhea County officials used taxpayer money on a number of questionable things, including a new car for the county executive, Christmas parties, flowers, and gift cards for county employees, according to a new state audit. Among other things, county officials also spent more money than budgeted and did a lousy…

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