Maria Bush Appointed as New Open Records Counsel for the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office

Maria Bush will serve as the new Open Records Counsel in the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office of Open Records Counsel (OORC), the department announced Monday in a press release. Bush will join Assistant General Counsel Seth May in providing assistance to Tennesseans through the OORC.

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Tennessee’s Redistricting Changes Illustrated in New Online Dashboard

Tennessee residents can now go online to see how the 2021-2022 redistricting process impacts them.

Members of the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office have created a new online dashboard called Tennessee District Lookup that shows which addresses in the state are now assigned to which legislative district.

The new dashboard updates the public on legislative district information for county commissions, the U.S. Congress, and both houses of the Tennessee General Assembly.

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California Woman Caught Allegedly Stealing from Tennessee Library, Tennessee Comptroller Says

The Tennessee Comptroller Office released a statement last week alleging a California woman was stealing money from a Tennessee Library.  The state’s comptroller’s audit determined that Shekinah Edwards stole $32,366.89 from the Elma Ross Public Library in Haywood County by issuing fraudulent checks addressed to herself. The allegations were referred to a Haywood County Grand Jury, who returned an indictment in November against Edwards of one count of theft of over $10,000.

From May 22, 2020, through July 10, 2020, the Comptroller’s office alleges, Edwards issued herself 14 checks with the forged signatures of the library officials. The fraudulent checks were discovered in July 2020, when the library director was reconciling the library’s bank account and realized the font on the checks was not the same as the checks routinely issued by the library.

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Tennessee Comptroller’s Office Launches COVID-19 Exemption Site for Businesses Wanting to Impose Vaccine Mandates Despite Statewide Legislation

On Monday, the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office announced in a press release that it has launched a new webpage that will allow Tennessee businesses, governmental entities, or schools to seek an exemption from a new law that prohibits Tennessee businesses from imposing vaccine mandates.

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Two Taxpayer-Funded Feeding Sites Not Feeding Children, Tennessee Officials Say

Open Door, Inc. and Alumni Music, Inc., both based in Shelby County, have been determined to not be using their federal Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) funds to provide meals to children, the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office asserted Wednesday.

A probe was conducted cooperatively by the Comptroller of the Treasury and the Tennessee Department of Human Services (DHS) during summer 2020 to ascertain what nourishment the two companies were providing to minors. 

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Former Knox County Court Clerk Pleads Guilty to Theft

A former employee of the Knox County General Sessions Court Clerk’s office has pled guilty to theft of more than $1,000 after an investigation by the Tennessee comptroller’s office.

The comptroller investigation revealed former deputy clerk Steve Harmon stole at least $6,577 from the office between January and October 2019. Harmon was placed on administrative leave in October 2019 and was fired in November 2020.

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Former Knoxville Utilities Board Employees Paid More Than $10K for Time They Did Not Work

Two former employees of the Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) collected more than $10,500 in pay for hours they did not work between 2016 and 2019, an investigation by the Tennessee Comptroller’s office found.

Utilities board officials reported questionable compensation of two employees – an engineering associate and a student worker – prompting an investigation by the state comptroller.

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Another Year, Yet Another Horrible Audit for Decatur County

Tennessee Comptrollers said in an audit late last week that the Decatur County government’s problems are severe enough that, as of now, they will not approve the county’s new budget.

The county taxpayers will also have to pay a nearly $10,000 fine to the Internal Revenue Service, Comptrollers said.

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Audit: Dickson County Sheriff’s Office Lost $2,000

Members of the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office lost $2,000, according to an audit Tennessee Comptrollers recently released. The sheriff’s office collects various payments and fees, including child support payments. “On June 13, 2017, the Sheriff’s Office was contacted by a child support attorney with the Twenty- third Judicial District inquiring…

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Comptroller Pulls Back Curtain Behind UT Knoxville’s Sex Week Programs

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville is facing the music over the controversial event known as Sex Week, with the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office sending a report to legislators pointing out that very few students attend the university-supported program. A copy of the report by the Comptroller’s Office of Research and…

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Auditors Scold Tennessee School System for Conflict of Interest

The Robertson County School System paid a business more than $100,000 for services, even though that business employed a school board member, according to an audit Tennessee Comptrollers released Thursday. That, auditors said, is a conflict of interest and goes against Tennessee law. Comptrollers did not name the school board…

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Audit: Cumberland Elementary PTO President Stole Nearly $18,000

The former president of Cumberland Elementary School’s Parent Teacher Organization in Nashville stole nearly $18,000 from the school, according to a new audit from the Tennessee Comptrollers’ Office. This year the Davidson County Grand Jury indicted that man, LaRon Bridgeforth, on one count of theft over $10,000, auditors wrote. “The…

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Sullivan County Official Stole Nearly $16,000, Audit Says

The former director of the Sullivan County Emergency Communications District stole district funds totaling nearly $17,000, according to an audit Tennessee Comptrollers released this week. This month a Sullivan County Grand Jury indicted that man, Isaac Lowry, on one count of theft over $10,000, according to a press release from…

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Tennessee Comptrollers’ Office Made Fewer Audit Findings in FY 2017

Members of the Tennessee Comptrollers’ Office say they had far fewer city and county audit findings in Fiscal Year 2017 than they did the previous fiscal year. This has gone on for the past few years, said John Dunn, spokesman for the Tennessee Comptrollers’ Office. “For example, in FY 2016,…

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Audit: Perry County Rescue Squad May Have Misspent $60,000

The director of the Perry County Rescue Squad may have received more than $60,000 in pay to which he wasn’t entitled, according to a new audit from the Tennessee Comptrollers’ Office. According to the audit, the director, whose named Comptrollers did not mention, got a lot more than his regular…

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Scott County Official Denies Stealing From Taxpayers, Despite Report

The manager for the Scott County Airport doesn’t work all the hours he’s supposed to, and county taxpayers get shortchanged as a result, according to a new audit from the Tennessee Comptrollers’ Office. Scott County Airport Director Hank Duvall, however, told The Tennessee Star the report about him is false.…

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Report: Government Workers in Tennessee Steal Millions

Tennessee Capital building

Local governments in Tennessee are short more than $3.75 million of taxpayer money they’re supposed to already have in their coffers, according to two new reports from the Tennessee Comptrollers’ Office. That’s because too many local government employees are stealing the money you worked so hard for — and they’re…

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Audit Blasts Tennessee State Veterans’ Home As Unsafe

The folks who run the Tennessee State Veterans’ Home and its four facilities didn’t do enough background checks before hiring staff members, according to a new report from the Tennessee Comptrollers’ office. They also didn’t do enough to address residents’ complaints, and they failed to report illegal conduct at the…

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Combatting Sexual Misconduct in the Classroom

The safety and well-being of students is the highest priority of any school. Any educator sexual misconduct or sexual abuse that involves children destroys trust and harms the entire school community.

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Newspaper: Tennessee Comptroller Joins Mayor Megan Barry Investigation

State auditors are investigating Nashville Mayor Megan Barry’s affair with her chief bodyguard, a media outlet reports. The Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury is working with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation on looking into Barry’s and Sgt. Rob Forrest’s affair, according to a story published by The Tennessean. The newspaper…

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Two Former Lauderdale County School System Employees Charged With Theft For Collecting Pay After Employment Ended

Two former employees of the Lauderdale County Department of Education continued to be compensated after their employment with the school system ended, a report from the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office has found. Both have been indicted on theft charges. The school system is in Ripley in West Tennessee. “It’s important that…

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PTO Treasurer in Giles County Indicted on Charges of Stealing Funds

An investigation by the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office has led to the indictment of Amanda McMilin, the former treasurer of the Richland Elementary School Parent Teachers Organization (PTO) in Giles County. Investigators determined that McMilin stole at least $5,649 from the PTO by keeping cash that was collected during fundraisers. These…

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