Conservation Fund Gives over 1,100 Acres to Bear Hollow Mountain Wildlife Management Area

The Tennessee Conservation Fund announced last week that they would be giving the Bear Hollow Mountain Wildlife Management Area (WMA) over a thousand acres of land. The area, known as the Corum tract, will connect “two sections of the existing WMA that were previously divided by the Corum property, improving continuity of state-owned land and expanding protected habitat for wildlife and recreation.”

According to the statement, the Conservation Fund purchased the land in March of 2021 with the intention to wait until the Bear Hollow Mountain WMA had the funds to purchase the land from them. Officially, on the 20th, the land was given to the Bear Hollow Mountain WMA for permanent ownership.

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Speaker-Elect Glen Casada Will Dive Into Solutions for Problem of Invasive Asian Carp In Tennessee Rivers

Speaker-Elect Glen Casada will convene an open forum this week to discuss the invasive Asian carp problem in Tennessee waters, according to a press release. The forum, scheduled for Thursday, December 20 at 12:45 p.m., will include several current and newly elected State Representatives who will attend the forum along…

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