Congressman Tim Burchett Introduces Congressional Term Limit Bill

U.S. Representative Tim Burchett (R-TN-02) on Friday introduced new legislation that would impose term limits on members of Congress.

If enacted, the bill would amend the Constitution and only allow House members to serve three two-year terms, and Senators could serve two six-year terms.

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State Rep. Chris Todd Talks Southern Legislative Conference and His Term Limit Resolution

Wednesday morning on the Tennessee Star Report, host Michael Patrick Leahy welcomed Tennessee State Rep. Chris Todd of Jackson to the newsmakers line to discuss the recent Southern Legislative Conference and the probability of his term limits resolution passing.

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Manny Sethi Calls for Tennessee Legislature to Back Congressional Term Limits

Manny Sethi, orthopedic trauma surgeon and former candidate for U.S. Senate, urged the Tennessee State Legislature to fully support congressional term limits. 

In an opinion piece written in The Tennessean, Sethi argued that unlimited terms allow career politicians to gather support from establishment figures and run with limited competition. 

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State Rep. Chris Todd Discusses His New Bill Proposing Term Limits for Members of the United States Congress

Thursday morning on the Tennessee Star Report, host Michael Patrick Leahy welcomed State Rep. Chris Todd of Jackson in the studio to discuss his current resolution to enact term limits for members of the U.S. Congress.

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Initiative Proposal Wants to Implement Term Limits on Ohio State Legislatures

  A group trying to alter the way term limits work in the Buckeye State filed petition paperwork with Attorney General Dave Yost Wednesday. A group called Ohioans for Legislative Term Limits (OLTL) wants to limit the number of years state elected officials can serve to 16. Currently, an amendment…

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North Carolina Congressman George Holding Proposes Term Limits Amendment

Republican Congressman George Holding (NC-02) has proposed an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will create term limits for members of Congress. Holding’s proposed amendment would limit members of the U.S. House of Representatives to six two-year terms or 12 years. U.S. Senators would be limited to two six-year terms…

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Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Lee Wants Term Limits For State Legislators

Bill Lee

Gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee a relative newcomer and self-described “outsider” to Tennessee state politics, is trying to use this status to distinguish himself from the other candidates: There are four people running for the Republican primary in this race. The others are politicians. They all either worked for the government…

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The ‘Aha Moment’ at the Tennessee General Assembly This Year

The idea of a citizen-legislator has gone by the wayside and been replaced by the career politician. Unless there is more transparency and inclusion, there may well be a demand for change in leadership. For certain in 2019 there will be great change, and quite possibly the “drain the swamp” echo from 2016 will filter down to state politics in 2018. It may be time for the state to consider term limits.

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