Star News Network Working to Restore Tens of Thousands of Posts Deleted from Facebook

Tens of thousands of posts containing news stories from The Star News Network’s Facebook pages were temporarily deleted Wednesday. 

“Hi, we are currently experiencing an issue with Facebook and because of that the sharing is stopped and your Facebook accounts are paused,” a third party software used by The Star News Network to schedule and post stories to social media said by email.

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The Star News Digital Media Statement of Principles on K-12 Education

Star News Digital Media is a Nashville-based company that owns and operates five online news sites–The Tennessee Star, The Ohio Star, The Minnesota Sun, The Michigan Star, and Battleground State News–and publishes textbooks for secondary school students.

Our reporting on K-12 education is based on our philosophical perspective, which is reflected in our statement of principles.

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Commentary: Snopes Veers Far Left to Smear Tennessee Star and Promote Bizarre Conspiracy Theory

by George Rasley   One of the more interesting phenomena of the internet age is the rise of self-appointed Leftwing “fact checkers” who have created a cottage industry of undermining straight news reporting critical of Democrats and Leftist causes. One of the more prominent examples of this phenomena is, which began as a website debunking urban myths on the internet and has gradually moved further and further Left to become a favored tool of the Left for shielding Democrats and helping Leftwing advocacy groups smear conservatives as purveyors of “fake news.” One of the most egregious recent examples of’s Leftist tilt is its defense of Native American Nathan Phillips from claims of stolen valor leveled at him after he instigated the post-March for Life confrontation with the Covington Catholic High School students. While rated the charges that Phillips falsely claimed he was a Vietnam veteran as “unproven” and posted a lengthy defense of him here, the military culture website “Task and Purpose” had already exposed Phillips stolen valor claims. Paul Szoldra explained in a post on, that Phillips has a long history of making “stolen valor” claims: I was going to bring up his troublesome claims of…

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Tennessee Star Parent Company Launches Ohio Star and Minnesota Sun

The Minnesota Sun

  NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Star News Digital Media, Inc., the parent company of The Tennessee Star, announced today that it has launched two new conservative news websites that focus on state and local news, The Ohio Star and The Minnesota Sun. The Ohio Star launched on Monday, August 27, and The Minnesota Sun launched today, September 4. The company also announced that Anthony Gockowski has been named the managing editor of The Minnesota Sun. The Tennessee Star, the first conservative news site owned by the company and its predecessor, was launched over a year and a half ago on February 6, 2017. Since its launch it has been very successful, both in terms of its political influence in the state and its financial performance. Since its launch, more than eight million visitors have come to The Tennessee Star website. The website has been profitable each month of its operation, due to a business model that focuses on attracting advertisement from mid-sized locally owned businesses, and its focus on news that is of importance to residents of the state who voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election. Michael Patrick Leahy, Steve Gill, and Christina Botteri are the co-founders of…

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