Ohio Gov. DeWine Activates 580 Members of Ohio National Guard to Keep Peace in D.C. and Columbus

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed an executive order Tuesday to activate for duty 580 members of the Ohio National Guard (ONG).

During the COVID press conference, DeWine said he talked with Major General John C. Harris and based on that communication anticipates that 380 of the activated guard will remain in Ohio, while 200 will be sent to Washington, D.C to assist in the January 20 Presidential Inauguration.

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Gone in a New York Minute: How the Amazon Deal Fell Apart

In early November, word began to leak that Amazon was serious about choosing New York to build a giant new campus. The city was eager to lure the company and its thousands of high-paying tech jobs, offering billions in tax incentives and lighting the Empire State Building in Amazon orange.…

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Commentary: The New York Post Explains Why The Tennessee Star Will Win the Local Media Battle in The Volunteer State

Salena Zito of the New York Post has probably not yet heard about The Tennessee Star. But in Thursday’s column titled “Why All Your News Now Comes With a Heap of Condescension,” she explained perfectly why The Tennessee Star will soon win the local media battle in the Volunteer State:…

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