Conservative Grassroots Victory in Williamson County as Debbie Deaver Wins GOP Chair Election

Tennessee Star

FRANKLIN, Tennessee–Long-time conservative grassroots activist Debbie Deaver swept to victory over establishment favorite Tom Miller at a packed session of the Williamson County Republican Convention on Tuesday night. “Tonight the Williamson County Republican Party had a choice for leadership,” conservative activist and Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips, a resident…

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Showdown in Williamson County: Conservative Grassroots Debbie Deaver Vs. Establishment Tom Miller in Fight for GOP County Chair

Tennessee Star - Deaver v Miller

For some, Tuesday, Feb 28 might be just another National Chocolate Souffl√© Day, but to the Williamson County Republican Party loyalists, it’s time to pick a new GOP Chair. The election in 2015 of outgoing Chairwoman Julie Hannah was a great victory for the conservative grassroots. Of the two candidates…

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