‘You’re Getting a Paycheck, We’re Not,’ Protestors Say of DeWine, Acton

Approximately 150 people gathered outside the State Capitol in Columbus Monday to tell Gov. Mike DeWIne and Health Department Director Amy Action that it’s past time to reopen the state.

Tom Zawistowski, president of Ohio Tea Party group We the People Convention, estimated the attendance, in an interview with The Ohio Star. This was the second such protest since last Thursday.

Many of the protestors called out, “You’re getting a paycheck, we’re not,” Zawistowski said.

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Tom Zawistowski: Activist Judges Should Be Impeached

Many conservatives are critical of activist judges, but not enough are concerned that they’re committing impeachable offenses, says Ohio grassroots conservative activist Tom Zawistowski. In an interview with The Tennessee Star at Saturday’s Spirit of America Rally, Zawistowski said Congress has the authority to impeach federal judges who aren’t doing…

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