Nashville Grants Permits to Pedal Tavern Companies

The Metro Nashville Beer Permit Board has granted permits to two pedal tavern companies.

The Beer Permit Board met on Thursday, February 10, 2022 and granted Nashville Pedal Tavern and Sprocket Rocket Party Bike permits to sell beer. Customers are also permitted to bring their own beer onto the pedal taverns.

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Party Bus Businesses Hold Protest in Downtown Nashville Over Shutdown as New Proposal Could Have Some Reopen, with Permits

Upstage Party Bus

A parade of party buses protested Nashville’s downtown over the new legislation that was put in place on October 19. The buses gathered on Friday, October 29 where they protested against the new rules set in place, mainly the rules for alcohol on the buses. 

One video from the protest showed a group singing “you’ve got to fight for your right to party.” Many buses had posters on their vehicles that read “Save our Jobs,” “Don’t lose the Booze,” and “We want beer!”

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