Tennessee GOP Chairman Scott Golden Reacts to FBI Raid on Former President Trump’s Home

Tennessee Republican Party Chair Scott Golden issued a statement on Tuesday after the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

Golden said the last 36 hours had been a “wake up call and a rally cry” for Republicans who care about America. 

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State Executive Committee Candidate Lulu Elam Calls for Elimination of Vouching Option in Tennessee Republican Party Bylaws

Lulu Elam, a candidate for Tennessee Republican Party (TRP) State Executive Committee in Davidson County, expressed her concern on Tuesday over her opponent’s reluctance to support the elimination of “vouching” as an option for candidates in Tennessee seeking to qualify as a bona fide Republican.

Current TRP bylaws require prospective candidates to vote in three of four successive statewide primary elections prior to becoming a Republican candidate.

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State Executive Committee Candidate John Richardson Caught on Camera Stealing Opponent’s Literature

John Richardson, a candidate for Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee District 21, was caught by a Ring doorbell camera stealing his opponent’s campaign literature and replacing it with his own.

The video can be viewed here.

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Tennessee Supreme Court Will Not Hear Oral Arguments in Starbuck Case, Will Decide Based on Briefs Only

The Tennessee Supreme Court will not hear oral arguments in their expedited review of Robert Starbuck Newsom v. Tennessee Republican Party Et Al. case.

According to the case status website, a deputy clerk, and the press officer for the Tennessee Courts System, the case will be decided on briefs only.

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State of Tennessee Files Petition Asking Appeals Court to Vacate Lower Court Decision Putting Starbuck Back on TN-5 GOP Primary Ballot

The state of Tennessee filed a petition asking the Court of Appeals of Tennessee at Nashville to vacate Davidson County Chancery Court Judge Russell Perkins’ order putting Robby Starbuck on the August 4 Republican primary ballot.

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Disqualified TN-5 Candidate Files in State Court Against Tennessee Republican Party

Disqualified TN-5 candidate Robby Starbuck filed a lawsuit against the Tennessee Republican Party and its state executive committee in Davidson County Chancery Court on Friday, May 20.

The official case name is Robert Newsom v. Tennessee Republican Party, et al and Davidson Chancery Court Judge Russell Perkins is presiding.

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Federal Judge Takes Arguments Under Advisement, Appears Extremely Skeptical of Robby Starbuck’s Case to Get Back on TN-5 Ballot

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – District Court of the Middle District of Tennessee Chief Judge Waverly Crenshaw appeared to take an extremely skeptical view of the case presented by Robby Starbuck’s legal team during a Tuesday hearing on a preliminary injunction request.

In its motion, Starbuck’s legal team asked Judge Crenshaw to void the Tennessee Republican Party (TRP)’s decision to disqualify him from Tennessee’s Fifth Congressional District Republican primary and to order the Tennessee Department of State to put him on the ballot.

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Washington Examiner Fails to Note Key Facts in TN-5 Disqualification Process

In an article titled, “Candidate booted from ballot sues Tennessee GOP”, the Washington Examiner failed to note key facts about the TN-5 candidate disqualification process.

The piece instead irresponsibly used comments by disqualified candidate Robby Starbuck and his lawsuit against the Tennessee Republican Party and the Tennessee Secretary of State’s office as its main source material.

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Hearing Scheduled for May 10 in TN-5 Disqualified Candidate’s ‘Hail Mary’ Lawsuit Against Tennessee Republican Party

A hearing has been scheduled for Tuesday at 9 a.m. in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee regarding a motion made in disqualified TN-5 GOP Congressional candidate Robby Starbuck’s lawsuit against Chairman Scott Golden, the Tennessee Republican Party (TRP), and the Tennessee Secretary of State’s office.

The presiding judge is Chief District Judge Waverly Crenshaw, an Obama appointee.

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Tennessee GOP Chair Allows Democratic Presidential Primary Voter to Run as a Republican

At the Saturday meeting of the Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee, Chairman Scott Golden responded to the challenge of a candidate who donated to Democrats and voted as a Democrat in the last statewide primary by deciding the candidate is a bona fide Republican.

Golden’s decision overruled the vote of the members of the State Executive Committee (SEC) who were on the meeting conference call.

The candidate being challenged is Cecil “Eddie” Mannis, who is running for Tennessee House District 18. The seat is being vacated by State Representative Martin Daniel (R-Knoxville), who announced in March that he would not seek re-election to a fourth term, The Tennessee Star reported.

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