MN-2 Incumbent Democrat U.S. Representative Angela Craig Has Nearly $3 Million in the Bank

U.S. Rep. Angela Craig

With nearly $3 million in the bank, incumbent Democrat U.S. Representative Angela Craig is sitting on a major financial advantage in her race for reelection to Minnesota’s Second Congressional district.

Some of that money is leftover from her previous race. FEC records show that for the 2022 election cycle Craig has raised $2,635,506.03 and has a war chest of $2,921,566.22.

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Police Back GOP Challenger Over Angie Craig in Minnesota’s Second District

Republican congressional candidate Tyler Kistner has been endorsed by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association, the largest police organization in the state.

The MPPOA endorsed Kistner, a Marine veteran, in his run for Minnesota’s Second Congressional District against Rep. Angie Craig. 

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Minnesota GOP Chair Claims Attorney General Ellison ‘Threatened’ Family That Hosted Trump Event

Minnesota GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan has accused Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison of abusing his power and threatened to file “a cease-and-desist order” against his office.

On Tuesday night, Felton Farms in Northfield, Minnesota, held a private MAGA rally with Eric Trump, where congressional candidate Tyler Kistner and Carnahan also made appearances. Carnahan, who accused Ellison of “using his office to play politics” and “threatening” the farm venue, announced that the Republican Party of Minnesota would be filing a cease-and-desist order against Ellison’s office.

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