Report: Universal Licensing Has Helped 6,500 Arizona Residents Get to Work

A new Goldwater Institute report highlights all the ways House Bill 2569, which created licensing reciprocity for many professional licenses from other states, has been life-altering for thousands.

With universal recognition having gone into effect in the summer of 2019, “Economic Effects of Arizona’s 2019 Universal Recognition” estimates that some 6,500 residents – including physicians, tradespeople and other professionals – have now been free to work at their craft by exercising their rights under the first-in-the-nation universal recognition reform. The law streamlined occupational licensing by opening the door for skilled workers to use their out-of-state experience to swiftly acquire a license to work upon relocating to the state.

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Universal Licensing Netted Arizona Several Thousand Jobs, Study Finds

Arizona took a nation-leading step into universal occupational licensing. A new study says it’s resulted in significant job growth. 

In 2019, Arizona became the first state in the country with universal license recognition; if someone has a work license in another state, they can use that license in Arizona. Since then, 4,723 new work licenses have been issued under the law, according to a study conducted by the Common Sense Institute and the Goldwater Institute.

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