Wyoming Sorority Sisters ‘Live in Fear’ of Trans Member

The University of Wyoming is being sued by a group of sorority sisters over the university’s acceptance of a biological man who identifies as a woman into their sorority.

The New York Post reports that the lawsuit was filed by seven members of Kappa Kappa Gamma against both the university and the male student himself, 21-year-old Artemis Langford, after he repeatedly became physically aroused in the women’s presence. Langford, a 6-foot-2 and 260-pound man, first joined the sorority in September of 2022, and had been living outside the sorority house for the past year, but was expected to move into the house later this year. The suit refers to him by the male alias of “Terry Smith.”

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Wyoming State Senate Passes Amendment to Defund University’s Gender and Women’s Studies Program

The Wyoming State Senate passed an amendment to the budget Friday that would eliminate funding for the University of Wyoming’s Gender and Women’s Studies program, with those who voted in favor of defunding arguing the program is lacking in academic rigor and offers students only “biased” education.

The amendment passed, in a 16-14 vote.

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