Data Shows Virginians Fleeing Large Cities in Droves

According to a Virginian informational group Virginians are fleeing the states large cities in massive numbers, while more rural areas are becoming more heavily populated. 

Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP) released data showing that migration per 1,000 people was highest in northern Virginia. 

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VPAP Provides Infographic Explaining Complex Process of Becoming a Delegate to Virginia GOP Convention

The Virginia Public Access Project has provided additional information about the delegate registration and vote counting processes for the 2021 Republican Party of Virginia unassembled convention. The May 8th convention will determine the Republican nominees for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General.  The Virginia Star has previously covered the process, and VPAP provided additional detail about changes made to the delegate selection and counting process.

The process is very different from a traditional primary with a polling location in each neighborhood. For one to become a delegate to the convention, one must file a pre-file form with your local Republican committee. Then, one must show up to one of the 30+ voting locations across the Commonwealth as assigned per voting locality.

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