Private Christian Baylor University Launches ‘Official’ LGBTQ Students Group While Side Group Pushes Radical Agenda

Baylor University has established an “official” group for LGBTQ students who say they require “safety,” “support,” and “resources,” though a longstanding “unofficial” group will continue to push its radical agenda inconsistent with the private Christian school’s biblical values.

“I feel like the administration got a better idea of the queer experience on campus and I feel like the students were able to get a better idea of the administration’s intentions,” said Lor Duncan, co-president of the new group called Prism, reflecting on the university’s decision to conduct “listening sessions” with students throughout the last semester.

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Tennessee Libertarian Party Scorches ATF for Valentine’s Day Tweet

Libertarian candidate Spike Cohen

After a tweet from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) caused a Monday internet uproar, the Libertarian Party of Tennessee did not pull punches in its response. 

The ATF encouraged jilted ex-lovers to report criminal activity of their former partners as a form of revenge on Valentine’s Day. 

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