WarRoom Battleground: Neil W. McCabe Identifies the Group Behind Arizona Lawmakers’ Effort to Outlaw the Grassroots-Powered ‘Precinct Strategy’

Stephen K. Bannon welcomed The Star News Network‘s National Political Editor, Neil W. McCabe, on Wednesday’s WarRoom: Battleground to discuss Arizona’s late-night legislation push to outlaw precinct strategy after being cheered by former President Trump. Bannon: People only have so much energy, so much time to put their shoulder to…

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WarRoom Battleground: Democrats’ Hyper-Aggressive Map Drawing and ‘Sue to Blue’ Lawfare Strategies Put Republicans at a Disadvantage Heading into the 2022 Elections

Missouri State Capitol

Tuesday morning on War Room Battleground, host Bannon welcomed Tennessee Star journalist Aaron Gulbransen to the show to discuss the aggressive nature of Democrats reducing Republican House seats through lawfare.

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