Williamson Families PAC Retracts Reguli Endorsement in Judicial Race, Calls on Her to Withdraw

Williamson Families PAC called on now-convicted felon and judicial candidate Connie Reguli to withdraw from the Williamson County May 3 Republican primary.

The Williamson Families PAC, which is a conservative group based in Franklin, Tennessee, previously endorsed Reguli but the political action committee retracted the endorsement.

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Williamson County GOP Judicial Candidate Running in Primary Against Incumbent Judge She Previously Sued

Williamson County Republican judicial candidate Connie Reguli is running in the May 3 GOP primary against incumbent Juvenile Court Judge Sharon Guffee, who she named in a lawsuit over a decade ago. Reguli named Guffee and several others, including the state of Tennessee, as defendants in the lawsuit. The lawsuit…

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