Commentary: Running the Party the Right Way

The Williamson County Republican Party (WCRP) has a storied history. Some members of the Party remember the old days when Williamson County was a strong blue county. Yet, in the ’90s, that all changed, and Williamson County was transformed into a solidly red county, later contributing many Republican leaders to become elected at the county, state, and federal levels.

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Commentary: Is This Any Way to Run a Party?

If The Williamson County Republican Party (WCRP) succeeds in its plans, by the close of its next meeting it will have removed or otherwise run off the majority of its elected members. Of the 8 WCRP board members who were elected, 4 have resigned or been forced out since April 2021.

As planned, the last remaining conservative, First Vice Chair Sean Raesemann will be removed from office to be replaced by someone of the chairwoman’s own choosing. That someone will make it easier for the chair to run her own show. Considering what has already been achieved by this chair, it could be some show.

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Exclusive: Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Put Governors on Notice Because They Are a ‘Point of Influence’ for the Chinese Communist Party

FRANKLIN, Tennessee – Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he put the nation’s state governors on notice, in an exclusive interview with The Star News Network on Saturday, because they are a real point of influence for the Chinese Communist Party.

The reason, Pompeo explained, is because it is where so much of the commercial activity takes place.

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The Tennessean Stirs Up Biased Criticism of Williamson County Republican Party Newsletter Meme

While the national news media outlets are engaged in a frenetic attempt to distance themselves from recent reporting debacles that have crippled their credibility, The Tennessean has produced a story attacking the Williamson County Republican Party for a meme included in a recent newsletter that mocked the intellect of the…

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Williamson County Republican Party Wants to Awaken the Sleeping Giant

FRANKLIN, Tennessee — If conservatives want to make a difference, they have to get more involved. That was the theme of a book discussion Thursday at the Embassy Suites hotel hosted by the Williamson County Republican Party. A handful of people gathered at the hotel restaurant to consider the lessons…

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Williamson County Republican Party Starts Meetup Group

The Williamson County Republican Party has started a Meetup group to keep local voters informed and provide a way for people to get to know each other. is a popular online social networking website that facilitates offline group meetings. The point is to bring together people with shared interests. Meetup…

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OFF THE RECORD: Did Glen Casada Cast His Vote for Diane Black in Gubernatorial Straw Poll?

Tennessee Star

  One of The Tennessee Star’s cameras captured this interesting photograph at the annual Williamson County Republican Party BBQ in Thompson’s Station on Saturday: As The Star reported earlier, Williamson County businessman Bill Lee won the straw poll at the event with 63 percent of the votes cast. State Senator…

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