Tennessee Valley Authority Announces Termination of Rolling Blackouts

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) terminated “planned intermittent interruptions,” also known as rolling blackouts, across Tennessee and beyond on Saturday. TVA thanked the public for its “patience,” adding that the blackouts were necessary in order to “maintain grid stability for 10 million people across seven states.”

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Akron Mayor’s Office Responds After Drawing Criticism for Snow-Covered Streets

Wednesday, the city of Akron provided The Ohio Star with an update on the conditions of its streets after some residents found themselves unable to leave their homes three days after Sunday’s winter storm.

“We have completed all of the first, second and third priority streets as of noon today (48 hours after the snow stopped with the most event accumulation Akron’s had in the past 25 years),” Stephanie Marsh, Communications and Media Supervisor for Akron Mayor Daniel Horrigan told The Star. “All streets are open and passable.”

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