Clint Brewer: Joe Biden’s Latest Cringeworthy Moment Another Sign of His Cognitive Decline

Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed public affairs specialist Clint Brewer in studio to comment upon Joe Biden’s latest gaffe and testimony surrounding the origins of COVID.

Leahy: Before we get to more about the CPAC and political issues of that type, our octogenarian, legal, but not legitimate Grifter in Chief Joe Biden. He continually says things that are, what’s the right word?

Brewer: Awkward.

Leahy: Awkward.

Brewer: Awkward.

Leahy: Cringeworthy. He was talking about nurses the other day. Did you, did you hear this?

Brewer: Yes.

Leahy: All right. Ladies and gentlemen, if you have children under the age of 15, cover their ears, but this is, this is our President of the United States talking about his experience with nurses. Here we go. Warning, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

(Biden clip plays)

“I had a nurse named Pearl Nelson, military. She’d come in and do things that I don’t think you could learn in medical school, nursing school. She’d whisper in my ear. I didn’t, couldn’t understand her. She’d whispered. She’d leaned down.

She’d actually breathe on me to make sure that I, there was a connection, a human connection. She even went home and brought back her pillow from her own bed because she didn’t want me uncomfortable. I’m not joking.”

Leahy: He’s not joking. Is that weird?

Brewer: Do you think he sniffed her hair? Probably.

Leahy: I mean, this guy is so weird.

Brewer: That’s just ah, I mean, that’s kind of hard to hear.

Leahy: It’s hard to hear. This guy’s the President of the United States. (Laughs)

Brewer: Here’s an idea.

Leahy: How did this happen?

Brewer: Let’s select somebody under the age of 75. What do you think?

Leahy: I’m all in favor of that. Well, look, it’s not, there are people over the age of 75 who are really with it.

Brewer: Yeah, sure. No, absolutely no question.

Leahy: This guy is not one of them.

Brewer: It’s just that none of them running for president are.

Leahy: But again, you know, so, so here we are. It is March of 2023. I think the House of Representatives under Speaker McCarthy, they’ve actually held some pretty good hearings, uh, I think, and are moving into the oversight arena a lot. Going on the special China select committee.

Mike Gallagher, doing really well. However, have you noticed this very bizarre thing where some of our Biden administration officials just cannot answer questions? For instance, this was in the Senate, not the house, but in the testimony of Attorney General Garland before Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley yesterday. It was embarrassing how dishonest and dissembling Garland was.

Brewer: And the Department of Energy report comes out earlier this week.

Leahy: Tell everybody what the report says.

Brewer: The report says that based on available information, the most likely explanation for the start of COVID-19 was the Chinese government’s virology lab in Wuhan, not, you know, bat soup at the market. Now in fairness, they said they had low confidence in this theory, but based on all the information available, it was still the most likely theory.

Leahy: Because they had even lower confidence in the bat soup theory.

Brewer: Right. And this Department of Injury report is the same conclusion that the FBI had already come to. These both happened under Biden’s watch these reports. And then the White House comes out and like says, oh, what’s not conclusive? Like they’re disagreeing with their own departments.

Leahy: The brazenness of the lies. This is what’s troublesome. How brazen the lying is.

Brewer: You know, I explained this to somebody the other day. I said, take COVID out of it. Imagine if a foreign government, another nation-state, took an action that led to the deaths of one million Americans. What would happen? It wasn’t a deliberate act, maybe.

Leahy: And, once it happened, covering it up, was deliberate.

Brewer: It was and they continue to cover it up.

Leahy: Three years later.

Brewer: News came out late last year of satellite photos showing these sorts of ghastly gatherings around cremation houses. We’re not talking about trying to decide if they’re UFOs. This is something that can be determined. It doesn’t have to be a mystery. And honestly, it’s a national security issue that we find out exactly what happened.

Leahy: Several republicans in the House have introduced legislation to make China pay. Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, our pal from Ohio, the guy who’s worth half a billion dollars, that guy, at the age of 37. You gotta admire that, right?

Brewer: Yeah, sure.

Leahy: Has said, time for reparations. I agree with that. The Biden administration, I don’t think they’re gonna push for reparations. Do you?

Brewer: No.

Leahy: Not those kinds of reparations.

Brewer: Or, maybe they could just forgive part of the massive amount of debt our country owes China. Maybe, maybe they just do that. Maybe they just cut a little bit off the principal instead of forgiveness.

Leahy: Off the principal. You know, forgive the debt we owe China. China would love that.

Listen to today’s show highlights, including this interview:

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One Thought to “Clint Brewer: Joe Biden’s Latest Cringeworthy Moment Another Sign of His Cognitive Decline”

  1. EarlSharp

    What if the flu was just rebranded as COVID-19 and gullible Americans are now being pushed into an eternal War With China (or Communist China as Republican actors loudly proclaim). What if our problems as Tennessee are caused much more by Californians than Chinese (Communist Chinese) and this is all a pivot away from arming Ukraine against Russia to protect Pride Marches and into a longer, more expensive war with China (Communist China) to further enrich the permanent State and weapons manufacturers?