Heritage Foundation Ranks Georgia Top State for Election Integrity

Woman voting at booth


The Heritage Foundation on Tuesday released a new scorecard that ranks each state by security and integrity level of their election process.

In the initial rankings, Georgia ranked number one in the country, closely followed by Alabama and Tennessee.

The scorecard is based on each state’s laws, scored in 12 different areas, and is meant to assist states in strengthening their elections.

“Americans need and deserve elections that they can trust. Heritage’s Election Integrity Scorecard gives states a better idea of how their state laws and regulations compare to best practices and where they need improvement. In the coming weeks and months, Heritage will work with our state partners to ensure policymakers and officeholders have this valuable information to make reforms. At a time when cynicism runs deep on both ends of the political spectrum, the need to protect the people’s elections, and to safeguard the value of every citizen’s vote, couldn’t be clearer,” said Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts.

Elected leaders in the state pointed to legislation that was recently passed, which added multiple provisions to the state’s electoral process. For example, there is now an ID requirement for absentee voting, strict rules for the use of drop boxes, and a prolonged early voting period.

“Because Georgia led the way with the passage of the Election Integrity Act, @Heritage has ranked our state NO. 1 on election integrity! I’m in the fight to secure our elections – no matter what the woke mob throws our way,” tweeted Governor Brian Kemp.

However, some critics argue that further action is needed.

Earlier this year, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger opened an investigation into missing ballot drop box forms in Fulton County and an admission by officials that “some procedural paperwork may have been misplaced.”

The investigation by Raffensperger, which was followed by a call for Fulton County officials to be fired, was prompted by numerous reports by The Georgia Star News into the chain of custody documents for absentee ballots.

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