Wisconsin GOP Launches Website Against Liberal Supreme Court Candidate Janet Protasiewicz

The Republican Party of Wisconsin launched a new website this week targeting liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s judicial record. The Wisconsin GOP has described Protasiewicz as ” soft-on-crime ” regarding her “dangerous” record.

The group’s new website, nojailjanet.com, details Protasiewicz’s judicial record, including several cases in which she gave no prison time to several child sex offenders. Protasiewicz’s record has led to her “No Jail Janet” branding by the Wisconsin GOP.

The website run by the Wisconsin GOP states, “Janet Protasiewicz is soft on crime and wrong for Wisconsin. As a Milwaukee County Judge, No Jail Janet has given light sentences to violent criminals time and again, putting Wisconsin families at risk. We can’t afford for Janet Protasiewicz to bring her radical, soft-on-crime agenda to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”

The group highlights the following five instances on its website in which Protasiewicz gave “light sentences” to those convicted:

  • In State Of Wisconsin vs. Kenneth D. Wright, Protasiewicz cited the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason why she sentenced a 25-year-old man to no jail time for getting a 15-year-old girl pregnant. In the year following, the defendant crashed his car while drunk and killed a 17-year-old girl.
  • In State Of Wisconsin vs. Kenneth Blair, despite the recommendations of the prosecutor, Protasiewicz sentenced a man convicted of sexually assaulting 3 girls to no prison time. While on probation, he was charged with felony sexual assault for re-offending against the same victim.
  • In State Of Wisconsin vs. Anton R. Veasley, Protasiewicz sentenced a man who kidnapped a 15-year-old girl off the street and sexually assaulted her to no prison time.
  • In State Of Wisconsin vs. Iraida Pizarro-Osorio, Protasiewicz sentenced a woman who starved her 16-year-old son with special needs – who was so severely malnourished that he only weighed 42 pounds when he died – to death to no prison time.
  • In State Of Wisconsin vs. Jarmell Bingham, Protasiewicz gave a man who put a hit out on witnesses in his trial just one year in prison.

“The best indication of what someone will do in the future is what they have done in the past,” Rachel Reisner, Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director said in a statement. “Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s record of giving no jail or prison time to violent sexual offenders disqualifies her from serving on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”

Protasiewicz’s campaign is being boosted by left-wing groups across the country, as about 44 percent of her campaign contributions come from outside Wisconsin. Protasiewicz has taken in nearly $2.2 million in campaign donations – much of it from big money, left-wing interests – according to a recent review of her campaign finance statements by The Wisconsin Daily Star.

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Wisconsin Daily Star and The Star News Network.
Photo “Janet Protasiewicz” by Janet Protasiewicz.



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