Judson Phillips Commentary: Resist Movement, Violence Threaten United States

Tennessee Star

ANALYSIS/OPINION: The first skirmishes of a second American civil war have begun. No, this is not a metaphorical analogy to that bloody conflict that killed approximately 620,000 Americans. It is an objective statement of the reality in America. Since the election of 2016, the left has gone crazy. Their version…

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Commentary: AG Sessions Before The Senate Intelligence Committee Is A Hearing About Nothing

  George Rasley, Editor Those familiar with pop culture will recall that as comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s eponymous television show began to wind down and run out of plot lines the script writers came up with the idea of having a television show about making a television show. The show…

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Richard Viguerie Commentary: The Democrats’ War To Drive Christians Out Of Government

  by Richard A Viguerie Chairman When the Democratic Party scrubbed the mention of God from its platform and delegates to the Democratic National Convention booed any mention of God it was clear to most movement conservatives that Democrats had become the official party of the anti-religious Left. What…

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James Comey: The Incredible Shrinking Man

  By George Rasley, Editor James Comey, the towering six-foot-eight-inch figure who fancied himself as Washington’s last honest man, testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday, and the longer he talked the smaller he became. His testimony, which was supposed to bring down a President, revealed instead a small-minded…

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Raul Lopez Commentary: Religious Freedom, Not Gay Marriage, Is the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

  By Raul Lopez June 10, 2017 LGBT activists, radical feminists, and others love to claim their cause is “the civil rights issue of today”—invoking historical comparisons between their group and the persecution Black Americans faced during the height of Jim Crow America. In fact, many of these groups have…

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