Constitution Series: The Ninth Amendment

Tennessee Star - Constitution Series

    This is the sixteenth of twenty-five weekly articles in The Tennessee Star’s Constitution Series. Students in grades 8 through 12 can sign up here to participate in The Tennessee Star’s Constitution Bee, which will be held on September 23.   The Constitution was written for one particular purpose–to limit the powers of the general, or,…

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Commentary: Does Anyone Really Think Mark Zuckerberg Could Challenge Trump in 2020?

  by Jeffrey A. Rendall   Mark Zuckerberg for president? If you’re like me, you consider the notion preposterous. Despite a barrage of worshipful media coverage in the past decade the Facebook co-founder still isn’t exactly a household name and there are no doubt tens of millions of Americans who…

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Commentary: The Deep State’s Kangaroo Court

  by Staff   Just when you think the corruption in Washington, DC couldn’t get any deeper or slimier, more news comes out about the connections between Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Democratic Deep State’s legal operatives. It turns out that Judge Beryl Howell, the jurist who signed…

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Commentary: How to Annihilate U.S. Socialism and Force Washington to Listen

by John Anthony, founder, Sustainable Freedom Lab Socialism’s barbs have sunk deep into the heart of America’s soul. We see the Titanic struggle as Democrats and Republicans jointly hamper Trump’s attempts to return choices to the people. Washington will never willingly stop its progressive control, but we can make them….

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Commentary: Are Conservatives and the GOP Better Off Today Than We Were Before Trump?

by Jeffrey A. Rendall   At the end of his lone presidential debate opposite President Jimmy Carter in 1980, Ronald Reagan looked straight into the television camera and famously asked the American People, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” Republicans and conservatives need to similarly ask…

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Commentary: Is Culture Still Relevant?

The United States is a diverse country, racially and ethnically, as well as in how people choose to organize themselves socially and politically. It can be argued that our public schools are integrally situated to communicate society’s values, such as individual responsibility, patriotism, integrity, objectivity, justice, respect for others, being on time, doing a good job, working well with others, being a good citizen, and exercising democracy in government and other interactions. Americans have thus far kept our republic, and created it to be resilient and strong. However, the United States will remain free only with relentless vigilance and public engagement, which must be transmitted in our culture.

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Bill Hennessy Commentary: Missouri’s Governor Greitens Signs Executive Order Protecting Patients’ Prescription Privacy

Tennessee Star

  By: Bill Hennessy   In case you haven’t heard, Governor Greitens signed an executive order on July 17. The EO made Missouri the 50th state to establish some sort of prescription drug tracking. Most states track everything about prescriptions. And hyperactive federal judges have already opened those state databases…

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