Judson Phillips Commentary: Jimmy Kimmel, Have You No Decency?


Hollywood went to Alabama Wednesday night and the result was not pretty. A paid agent of Jimmy Kimmel went to an Alabama church where Judge Roy Moore was speaking and disrupted the church service.

“Jake Byrd,” allegedly a comedian who works for Kimmel, began screaming during the service about the women who have made unsubstantiated or even debunked claims against Judge Moore.

No one asked Byrd the famous question, “Sir have you no decency?” No one needed to. Just as asking, is ice cream good or is Hillary Clinton evil; some questions have an answer that is self-evident.

Hollywood, as evidenced by Jimmy Kimmel, despises real America. Hollywood thinks real America exists merely to be a punchline in their jokes. Their attitude towards Christians in real America is simply one of contempt. They believe the people who support Roy Moore in Alabama have the IQ of a boll weevil and are entitled to as much respect as that beetle.

Hollywood and the entertainment industry is totally silent today on the issue of the disruption of a church service by a TV show desperately seeking ratings. The network that ignored Matt Lauer’s sexual antics for years thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong with disrupting a church service.

Of course, these are the same people who think the supporters of Bolshevik Bernie should come out of their parents’ basement at Thanksgiving and ruin the holiday by lecturing family members on the joys of socialism.

This is the ultimate disconnect for the Hollywood left and real America. There is no decency for them. Every event, be it a Thanksgiving dinner or a church service, must be used to advance the agenda. If it cannot be used that way, then it must be disrupted.

For the left, the one and only goal is power. They will lie, cheat or steal to get it. Remember Harry Reid’s lie about Mitt Romney’s taxes or the election that put Al Franken in the Senate?

Jake Byrd made a mistake by believing the people of Alabama would just put up with his liberal arrogance and disgust. Here’s hoping he enjoys his time in an Alabama jail.



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2 Thoughts to “Judson Phillips Commentary: Jimmy Kimmel, Have You No Decency?”

  1. gisella

    This is the way of Marxism.

  2. Lance Persson

    Was Jake Byrd charged with disrupting a church service?