Commentary: Is it Time to Shut Down the FBI?

by CHQ Staff


Once known as the Nation’s premier law enforcement agency, today the Federal Bureau of Investigation is mired in corruption, incompetence, careerism, and brazen political dirty tricks.

There was a brief glimmer of light when Christopher Wray was appointed to replace his corrupt predecessor, James Comey, but that light has faded.

Wray has proven himself to be unequal to the task of cleaning up the corruption and careerism that have become endemic at the Bureau’s DC headquarters and his leadership has not resulted in higher standards of competence or focus at the field level where “known wolf” terrorists and psychopaths are routinely ignored until they kill.

The latest example of FBI incompetence – failing to follow-up credible citizen information that Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland, Florida school assassin, had made threats to shoot-up his school and kill law enforcement officials, prompted Florida Governor Rick Scott to demand Director Wray’s resignation or firing.

And in a society where personal responsibility, honor and integrity were still traits of the ruling class Wray would have tendered his resignation after the preventable bloodbath in Florida, but careerism, not honor or integrity is apparently the principle guiding Mr. Wray.

The one good thing that has come out of the revelations about the FBI’s latest display of incompetence is that many serious people are beginning to ask whether the FBI can be saved, or if it is even worth saving.

One of those serious individuals is our friend Christopher J. Farrell, Director of Investigations for Judicial Watch.

Farrell, a former Army intelligence officer specializing in national security matters, unconventional warfare and terrorism appeared on Fox Business with Trish Regan and reviewed the FBI’s recent record of failure.

In Farrell’s view the Bureau has become too politicized as evidenced by the probe into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and the Russian dossier that may have helped authorities obtain FISA warrants to conduct surveillance on Trump campaign officials.

What is needed said Farrell is the complete abolishment of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) beginning with the resignation of its director, Christopher Wray, for failing to protect American citizens.

“There’s a systemic institutional problem. We can walk back to the Tsarnaev brothers where they missed the leads, multiple leads on them. You can go back to Whitey Bulger for that matter. You can go back to existing corruption in El Paso, Texas,” Farrell said.

“I would go back 200 years to the U.S. Marshal Service. I would create a new division for investigation and in about 6-8 months, I would shut the FBI down,” Farrell said during the interview with Trish Regan on FOX Business “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

The Judicial Watch director said under such a plan, FBI agents would be allowed to apply to a new U.S. Marshal Service investigative unit and once the new investigative branch was up and running the FBI would cease to exist.

“Here’s the problem. If nothing changes, nothing changes,” Farrell said. “There’s gotta be a radical, very penetrating severe examination and you have to turn over some furniture here.”

Chris Farrell is right, and it’s not just at the FBI. When President Trump was elected voters expected that the Swamp would be drained – or at least some effort to drain it would be made. Where a like-minded individual was nominated and confirmed, for example at EPA where Scott Pruitt has been turning over furniture, progress in draining the Swamp has been made.

Unfortunately, at the Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been hobbled by careerist underlings, such as FBI Director Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who have worked harder at protecting their fellow careerists and their institutional turf than they have worked at protecting the American people.

We think Governor Rick Scott and Chris Farrell are right. Director Wray is never going to make the radical changes necessary to reform the agency, so the only answer is Wray’s firing and then to shut down the Bureau and transfer its responsibilities to a new investigative arm of the U.S. Marshall Service.



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3 Thoughts to “Commentary: Is it Time to Shut Down the FBI?”

  1. Robert Forbus

    The FBI was rose to national fame for its response to the criminal fallout due to Prohibition and later did crime-fighting for things of a national manner.

    Over the decades the FBI went from fighting crime to creating crime by setting up criminal operations and attempting to lure people in and instigate crime and criminal violence. Occasionally one of these “experiments” is exposed and the agents involved literally walk away without charges.

    The FBI became a political tool to invent and manage crises for the particular political wind of the day. Many of us remember Ruby Ridge and Waco, and how in both tragedies the FBI initiated the criminal acts. No one was punished. A couple of years ago their snipers gunned down a man who was attempting to surrender. No punishments or charges yet, if ever.

    They became a political police force of sorts; causing problems for the opposition to those in power at the time. The corruption no doubt is now spread from the field agents all the way up to the director’s level.

    My opinion; in short, the entire organization is infected, and none are trustworthy.

  2. B J Zeagler

    For starters, President Trump should fire Sessions and then proceed in shutting down the agencies that are no longer pertinent.

  3. Karen Bracken

    Yes the FBI along with many other corrupt federal agencies need to be shut down. The corruption in DC is limitless.