Metro Nashville Police Make Changes to Mayor Megan Barry’s Security Detail After Affair Debacle

The Metro Nashville Police Department says it is making changes to Mayor Megan Barry’s security detail as a result of the inappropriate relationship she admitted having with her former security chief and the suspicious amount of overtime it cost the City and taxpayers.

An MNPD spokesperson told Fox17 that the Mayor’s daily schedule is both long and complex, so overtime will likely still be a factor.

Barry’s new head of security is Chris West, who was assigned the role by MNPD after Forrest’s abrupt departure. Fox17 reports that West has “arranged for one of the full-time detail members to come in later every day on a rotating basis so that individual can cover the afternoon/evening hours with minimal overtime if any at all.”

Of the new changes, Political Strategist Steve Gill told the news station, “I think this is a classic closing the barn door after all the horses have all gotten out. This is way to little way too late,” adding:

I think the main thing is they want to know who’s serving when so they’re allocating overtime or reducing overtime, and also having some control over whether it’s an event where she needs security. If she’s going to some social function at some celebrity’s home, she doesn’t need her security detail.



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3 Thoughts to “Metro Nashville Police Make Changes to Mayor Megan Barry’s Security Detail After Affair Debacle”

  1. Chief Anderson

    I can’t believe the Mayor is blaming this mess on me. But that’s ok, she won’t be my boss much longer. Just sayin. #resignmeganbarry

  2. Kevin

    Great, close the barn doors AFTER the horses are out!

    The entire upper echelon of Nashville government needs to be replaced, starting with the Mayor, her Chief Operating Officer and the Chief of Police. Although the Mayor was the leader of the cabal, ALL of the top layer of management was either complicit or compliant! They can’t be trusted!

  3. Papa

    With this turn of events, Anderson knew what was happening was wrong. Why is he not being investigated as well?