Judson Phillips Commentary: Conservatives and Republicans, Here Is Your Wakeup Call!

by Judson Phillips

Conservatives and Republicans have just gotten a wakeup call.

The problem is, no one is paying attention.

In Texas, a new record has been set for early voting in a non-Presidential election. Who is turning out these votes? It is the Democrats, not the Republicans. Democrats, across the nation, are turning out in record numbers, while conservatives and Republicans are staying home.

If conservatives and Republicans don’t get off their collective backsides and get involved now, this fall will be a disaster of biblical proportions. The Republicans should hold the Senate. The Democrats have 24 seats they are defending, including 10 in states carried by President Trump. The Republicans are only defending 8.

At least four of the Democrat seats are rated as tossups and only one Republican seat.

The House is much more problematic. The Republicans have a 25 seat majority in the House but the Democrats are putting on a full court press.

Where are the Republicans?

The Republicans are playing safe ball, just trying to keep their majority. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who pulled off what most people considered impossible in 1994 and gave the GOP its first majority in the House in thirty eight years, has called for the Republicans to run candidates in every district.

Instead, the Republicans seem content to just rock along until this fall.

What happens if the Democrats take the House? The new House Speaker will put a stop to the Trump agenda. There will be no border wall. There will be no increase in defense spending. There will be increases in social spending, also known as slush funds for Democrat constituencies.

And the Democrats will run countless impeachment resolutions against the President. It does not matter that the President has done nothing that merits impeachment. They will anyway.

2018 is just the prelude to 2020. The Democrats want to make sure Donald Trump is a one term President and that bodes ill for America.

America got lucky with the last two Democrats in the White House. Bill Clinton just wanted to party and be a rock start. Barack Obama was a narcissistic grifter, who did not want to do any hard work. Think of the damage the Democrats could have done in 2009 and 2010, when they had absolute control of the government.

The Democrat class of 2020 is the most dangerous group of politicians that have ever threatened this nation. They are all socialists or outright Marxists. This up and coming bunch of Democrats will end liberty and freedom in America, if we let them.

One third of Democrats openly call for the repeal of the Second Amendment. Most favor elimination of First Amendment protections for “hate speech.” Where do you think America would be after four or eight years of one of these Democrats?

The answer is simple. The nation would never recover, and we would live Ronald Reagan’s prophetic words, that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

Conservatives and Republicans have two choices. They can sit back, fat sassy and happy because the Trump agenda is being enacted and hope for the best or they can get involved.

The consequences of not getting involved are simply too great.




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3 Thoughts to “Judson Phillips Commentary: Conservatives and Republicans, Here Is Your Wakeup Call!”

  1. Donna

    I’m independent, and there are just some races I don’t vote in anymore because I can’t stand ANY of the candidates. I am not alone. So far, Trump has not earned another vote from me. Quite the contrary.

  2. Cannoneer2

    Kevin nails it square on the head.

  3. Kevin

    Missed it again! R’s and D’s speak in terms of “their base”. Republicans fail to recognize that these are people, and people can think, feel and exercise judgement. Additionally, despite what media would like us to believe, via the Internet, people are informed and, fed up! The every day citizen, is tired of Republicans lying behind procedural wrangling and political double speak, while ilegal immigrants flood the country, while taxes and regulations strangle personal liberties, and while Muslim/LBGQ/NFL protestors change our culture.

    Republicans had better change their stripes and start following the platform!