Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Calls Report by WTN’s Brian Wilson That Sources Say She Visited Mt. Olivet Cemetery with Bodyguard Boyfriend ‘False and Slanderous’

On Monday embattled Nashville Mayor Megan Barry called a report by WTN’s Brian Wilson that sources say the mayor and her bodyguard boyfriend Sgt. Rob. Forrest visited Mt. Olivet Cemetery at sunset on several occasions over a six month period “false and slanderous.”

Last week, NewsChannel 5 reported, based on sources as well as security video footage shot by nearby local businesses, that Barry and Forrest’s SUV had repeatedly visited the Nashville City Cemetery on a number of mornings for short periods of time, ranging from 12 minutes to 24 minutes.

Wilson’s report, which aired on 99.7 FM WTN’s Nashville’s Morning News at 5:05 am and again at 7:05 am on Monday, relied upon sources he considers credible.


At 9 a.m Monday, Mayor Barry sent out this tweet:



Wilson punched back, inviting the mayor on his show for a full hour on Tuesday to discuss these and other allegations.


The Tennessee Star contacted Mayor Barry’s office and asked for responses from the mayor to two questions:

1. Mayor Barry today in her tweet claimed that Brian Wilson’s reporting about the mayor and Sgt. Forrest regularly being asked to leave Mt. Olivet Cemetery before the gates closed, was “false and slanderous” – can you tell us what about Wilson’s report is “false and slanderous” – he says it is based on a credible source.

2. Also, does Mayor Barry deny that she and Sgt. Forrest ever visited Mt. Olivet Cemetery in a white SUV or any other vehicle?

“That story is absolutely false,” Mayor Barry’s spokesperson Sean Braisted responded to The Star in a statement emailed late Monday, without specifically quoting the mayor.

Braisted did not, however, answer The Star’s second question asking for a specific denial from Mayor Barry that she and Sgt. Forrest ever visited Mt. Olivet Cemetery in a white SUV or any other vehicle.

The Star also contacted Mt. Olivet Cemetery, which is owned by Dignity Memorial based in Houston, Texas, and asked for a comment on Wilson’s report.

“Company policy is not to offer any comment on anything no matter who you are,” a Mt. Olivet Cemetery employee told The Star.

The Star asked for general manager Barry Miller, who was not available to provide a comment at the time, to call back with more details. Mr. Millwer has not yet responded.

Two questions The Star wants to ask Mr. Miller are:

1. Does he categorically deny Wilson’s report that Mt. Olivet Cemetery workers reported chasing out a White SUV that matches the description of the city vehicle Forrest and Barry used to visit the Nashville City Cemetery in mornings?

2. Does he have video footage of the comings and goings at the cemetery, and would he be willing to share that footage with Nashville media outlets?

Responses to the mayor’s tweet on Twitter throughout the day were largely skeptical of her credibility:

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9 Thoughts to “Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Calls Report by WTN’s Brian Wilson That Sources Say She Visited Mt. Olivet Cemetery with Bodyguard Boyfriend ‘False and Slanderous’”

  1. Lori

    Amazing – she is trying so hard to deflect. She said all along no tax payer dollars were used etc. If those pictures were here they were taken without her knowledge (how did you get yourself in that compromising situation then??) now it’s slanderous that there is video of her and her boy toy meeting up in of all places a cemetery! It comes out that her boy toy charged the city overtime for their encounters – in a nut shell getting paid for services rendered – umm isnt that a form of prostetution? She is trying to be the victim here – the only victims in this awful situation are the spouces – bad enough they find out they are being cheated on but to to have the details splattered across the local and national news must be awful! Good Riddance Ms Berry and your boy toy…

  2. Darlene Knott

    And now she has resigned! Good riddance!

  3. Ned T.

    You cannot slander a public figure whose reputation is already in the toilet. Megan needs to “bone up” on her knowledge of defamation.

    That’s what she said.

  4. Papa

    OOOH! How they squeeeeeal when the truth comes out! This charade has gone on long enough. It has to be a distraction in city government. So why is the city council silent? Why have they not demanded Barry’s resignation? Are the people of Nashville pressuring their council members for results?

  5. Preds

    How does her consultants (paid for by tax dollars ) clean up her naked photo mess….is Barney Fife being thrown overboard by the mayor after they played a game of smile kitty smile or did sargent stud sneek a few pics after he serviced the good mayor and she fell asleep? Either way i do not see how he gets out of it… .if she turns her back on him will he comes clean and show give up a stained piece of clothing? ?? Watching close to see who gives up who!!

  6. Bill

    Megan, Megan, Megan. A little late for ethics now isn’t it? I will say this, you’ve defied conscience like no other. Must be a liberal talent of yours.

  7. Jed

    I read that Mayor Berry is making her first trip with security detail since her sex scandal became public. I just wondering if the Trojan Condom Mascot has been or will be added to the security team? I mean, the security team is all about safety for Mayor Berry right? Also, whose paying for the condoms?

  8. Horatio Bunce

    C’mon guys…frequent cemetery visits by Democrats. Clearly an innocent case of voter registration. Didn’t the election of Ophelia Ford teach you anything?

  9. Floyd

    We know this self admitted liar Megan Barry likes cemeteries and we know she likes cops . Why wouldn’t we believe the latest revelation regarding her devious daily rituals as she bilked taxpayers? Lets see the GPS, phone records and duty logs from the cop. We know Megan likes to put out but today she needs to put up or shut up and most importantly, RESIGN NOW.