Carol Swain Qualifies for Nashville Special Mayoral Election Ballot

Carol Swain runs for Nashville Mayor'
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Former Vanderbilt professor and nationally known conservative Carol Swain has qualified to be on the ballot for the special mayoral election in Nashville.

“I am excited about the opportunity to offer Nashville voters a common sense approach to moving Nashville forward,” Swain said in a statement released by her campaign on Wednesday announcing her qualification as a candidate for Mayor.

The statement added:

“Politics as usual won’t create more and better jobs, make our community safer, and keep taxes low. My common sense agenda of protecting our citizens, watching every penny we spend, and insuring that Nashville is working to attract new businesses and help grow the ones already here is the right prescription for our future.”

“Common sense tells us not to spend more than we have or buy things we can’t afford,” Swain said. “The $9 billion transit tax scheme that will cost too much and fail to actually improve traffic congestion or the conditions of our roads is a prime example of some officials putting profit – political or financial – ahead of common sense decision-making. We need better decisions if we want better results.”

Swain told The Tennessee Star she visited the Davidson County Election Commission on Tuesday to confirm that the signatures on the petition she filed Monday were sufficient to qualify her for the ballot. An official from that office called her late Tuesday to confirm that there were enough signatures of registered Davidson County voters on her petition to qualify her for the special mayoral election ballot.

The filing deadline for candidates is noon on Thursday.

Swain joins Acting Mayor David Briley and Metro Council Member-at-large Erica Gilmore as the third credible candidate to qualify for the ballot.

The election is currently scheduled to be held on August 2. That date could change, however, pending the outcome of a legal challenge which the Tennessee Supreme Court will consider on Monday. The Court could select one of three possible dates for the special election: May 1, May 26, or August 2.

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5 Thoughts to “Carol Swain Qualifies for Nashville Special Mayoral Election Ballot”

  1. Papa

    As of this morning it appears there will be three ‘conservatives’ running for the mayor’s office. Swain, Bristol and now Roy Dale. The conservatives/republicans are guaranteeing a win for Briley. They are so good at giving away an advantage. Hello Nashville! You’re looking at 8 more years of progressive liberalism.

  2. Aiden Banks

    I’m interested to see someone else in this race. Even as a democrat I think it’s important to have options as an American. I think we are getting too comfortable with always agreeing with each other and groupthink can sometimes outweigh the greater good. Although I don’t agree with all Carol says, I do think that she makes good points in her platform. I live downtown and as soon as I get near Fisk University I think I’m driving into a 3rd world country. It’s unfair that so many communities are suffering right under our noses and nothing is being done about it. Most of my friends can’t even afford to live in this city anymore and the commute is horrible. We are paying New York city prices for what? Change needs to happen.

    1. Lee

      Absolutely correct! What are we getting for the money. And of course, transit tax will fix everything…not! Vote Carol Swain!

  3. Mary

    I am happy to see Carol Swain will be on the ballot. It was disappointing to read of potential candidates declining to challenge Briley, particularly Fox, for whom I voted in the last election. As a lifelong Democrat and often thinking I leaned liberal, I have voted for the best candidate regardless of party affiliation. But having been utterly shocked and appalled at the liberal leaning Nashville bad planning and bad behavior…particularly sending my child to a public school that touts its diversity, yet has none and worse, rallies together as liberals, with a sweet Southern smile as they dish out bullying behavior and dirty politics…I’m ready for a candidate who isn’t going to be bullied and who’s willing to tackle tough issues and approach them with balanced, if unpopular rationale. Bailey is just another Barry…or worse. Swain could set Nashville on the right path…of long term success, not short term. Good luck to her!

    1. My SENTIMENTS precisely N A S H V I L L E …. deserves better than what has been exhibited by LIBERALISM for TOO long. CAROL SWAIN for M A Y O R of NASHVILLE!!