‘A Quiet Place’: Aliens Zap Yappers, Gabbers and Clap-Trappers in John Krasinski’s New Thriller

A Quiet Place

In “A Quiet Place” alien beasts descend upon the earth and kill anyone who makes a noise, which proves that one man’s horror movie is another man’s fantasy. The entire world a quiet car? Grisly death for cellphone gabbers, horn honkers, the drunken numskull who yells “Baba Booey” at golf…

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Feds Arrest Nearly 100 Illegal Immigrants at Tennessee Slaughterhouse

ICE Arrest

A Grainger County meat-processing plant was the subject Thursday of what one media outlet calls the largest immigration raid in a decade. The Southeastern Provision plant in Bean Station was raided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), The Washington Post reports. Agents arrested 97 immigrants; 10 arrests were on federal…

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Saul Alinsky-Styled Organizing Continues in Nashville Through the ‘2018 Conference for Neighborhoods’

Mike Hodge of NOAH

Using neighborhood newsletters like the one that circulates through Nashville’s hipster Sylvan Park, progressive activists are advertising a full day of Alinsky-styled community organizing with speakers answering the question “what kind of neighborhood are YOU building?” The inaugural 2018 Conference for Neighborhoods will convene at the Tennessee Bankers Association Barrett Conference Center on Saturday,…

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