Donald Trump: Former FBI Director James Comey ‘Broke the Law’


On Saturday, President Trump tweeted that former FBI Director James Comey “broke the law” by leaking classified documents:

One day earlier, President Trump aimed an earlier tweet at the FBI director he fired eleven months ago in May:

“Trump made his comments after news broke that the Justice Department inspector general was investigating if Comey leaked classified information by giving a friend memos of his conversations with the president,” Breitbart News reported:

Although Comey redacted some of the information in his memos, some details were upgraded to “confidential” after he left the FBI.

Trump raised questions about Comey’s behavior, but the investigation continues.

Comey has taken the highly risky step of publishing a book in which he details his version of his tenure as FBI director and the circumstances surrounding his firing by President Trump last year.

Comey’s book, titled Higher Loyalty, has been widely criticized as self-serving. More importantly, legal experts say that several of Comey’s admissions in the book, particularly with regards to his role in leaking documents, may place him in legal jeopardy, as President Trump’s recent tweets have suggested.







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2 Thoughts to “Donald Trump: Former FBI Director James Comey ‘Broke the Law’”

  1. Brian McMurphy

    Comey did break the law.

    He leaked classified information to his attorney for the expressed purpose of leaking it to the NYT, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. He knew he was breaking the law and thought that attorney client privilege would be a firewall to protect him by having his attorney do the dirty work.

    *Bzzzt* Wrong, Jimbo. That’s what mob lawyers would do.

  2. Bill

    The truth about Trump collusion affecting the 2016 election is not what the liberal press wants to admit. There was no Russian collusion nor did the Russians cause people to vote Trump. What truly happened is that the press gave our president so much press time thinking that if Trump won the Republican ticket there was no way in this world he would beat crooked Hillary. This scheme backfired by given the citizens an opportunity to have hope in someone who wasn’t just another lying politician. For this, I,the President, and millions of others thank the liberal media for their accidental collusion given to our president. Call Trump what you will, but at least he’s kept his campaign promises. More than I can say for 90% of the politicians bought and paid for in Washington D.C. So lick your wounds liberal media, thanks to you, we finally have an effective president in the white house. It only took 30 years to find a real person instead of another puppet.