Boyd Says He’s Against Sanctuary Cities But Is Still Working With Conexion Americas to Help Illegal Aliens

Randy Boyd

Mega millionaire Randy Boyd says that how he spends his millions, including the $250,000 donation to Conexion Americas or his interlocking education initiative that demands “education equity” for illegal alien students, “has nothing to do with immigration or in-state tuition,” issues that have fueled frustration with the growing illegal alien population in Tennessee.

After Governor Haslam announced that he would allow the new anti-sanctuary bill to become law without his signature, Renata Soto, co-founder and director of Conexion Americas, posted a strongly worded rebuke of the Governor and his decision:

Governor, by letting this un-American racial profiling law go into effect, you have put a target on the back of thousands of Tennesseans, rejected the values upon which our nation was founded, and set our state backwards.

Soto’s statement also confirmed that there are “thousands” of illegal aliens in Tennessee and the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE), a globalist big business lobby confirms that they are working in the state. With Soto’s help and Boyd’s money, those numbers are likely to increase.

When Governor Haslam campaigned in 2009, he claimed he’d be tough on illegal immigration and yet, over the course of his two terms, estimates from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) show that the illegal alien population in Tennessee increased by approximately 11%.

The PNAE’s  2016 Tennessee specific report, claims that the “undocumented population” is a “small but critical role in the workforce.” The report’s data shows that in construction, 12% or 18,500 workers are illegal aliens and in the “accommodation and food” industry, 10% or approximately 13,122 workers are illegal aliens.

Boyd is a named memeber of the PNAE.

Consistent with PNAE’s Tennessee report, Boyd’s donation to Conexion Americas also helped illegal aliens in Tennessee secure employment:

Large numbers of undocumented immigrants in Tennessee have also managed to overcome licensing and financing obstacles to start small businesses. In 2014, an estimated 10.3 percent of the state’s working-age undocumented immigrants were selfemployed — meaning Tennessee was the unique state where unauthorized immigrants boasted higher rates of entrepreneurship than either legal permanent residents or immigrant citizens of the same age group. Almost 11,000 undocumented immigrants in Tennessee were self-employed in 2014, many providing jobs and economic opportunities to others in their community. Undocumented entrepreneurs in the state also earned an estimated $244.3 million in business income that year.

Soto confirmed that the immigration status of its kitchen entrepreneurs, is not relevant. Nevertheless, her Nashville organization provides services and advocacy for illegal aliens consistent with the positions and goals of the National Council of La Raza (La Raza), an organization she continues to lead as chairman of the board and of which Conexion is a named affiliate.

Soto, a board member of Boyd’s education non-profit Complete Tennessee and her own education project Tennessee Education Equity Coalition (TEEC), have an interlocking relationship. TEEC says that students who arrived in Tennessee in violation of U.S. immigration law deserve “educational equity.”

When he first decided to run for governor, Boyd said he’d spend whatever it takes to win. At the time he also described himself as a political moderate:

I’m probably the most hated, disrespected, untolerated political entity in existence… I’m a moderate.

Early on in his campaign, in a side-by-side comparison, it was hard to distinguish Boyd from Karl Dean, one of the two Democratic gubernatorial candidates. Boyd is now spending some of his cash trying to convince voters that he’s tough on immigration and committed to enforcing the law.

Haslam made the same promises when he was campaigning for governor and even promised to “cut off the supply of jobs going to illegal immigrants.”

From the numbers, it doesn’t appear that Haslam had much success making good on his campaign promises and that was without Boyd’s interconnectedness with Conexion Americas and PNAE, both well-funded advocates for illegal aliens.


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5 Thoughts to “Boyd Says He’s Against Sanctuary Cities But Is Still Working With Conexion Americas to Help Illegal Aliens”

  1. akaMOTU

    Renata Soto, your illegals are NOT Tennesseans – they are CRIMINALS who broke the law to get to Tennessee…

  2. […] move? Boyd’s credibility on immigration related issues is seriously in doubt. We haven’t heard that he’s taking back his quarter million bucks from uber liberal […]

  3. Donna Locke

    Whatever the “official” numbers of illegal aliens, just double or triple that to get a more accurate number. The immigration control orgs have to use the official, Census-derived numbers, but those aren’t reliable, for obvious reasons. Labor analysts and university researchers have deduced the illegal population is double the official numbers. Others say triple.

    The open- borders groups use the official numbers when it suits them to underplay the numbers, and they use the likely real numbers when they want to portray themselves as a force.

  4. Wolf Woman

    Oh my, where to start? With business man, politician wanna’be, La Raza Randy Boyd, Haslam’s boy who shamelessly speaks with a forked tongue? Who puts his money and power behind PNAE to help the fat cats of big business garner even more profit. Who doesn’t have to worry about living next to a gang-banger’s house in Antioch or worry about his kids getting TB from the new kids at school.

    Or what about the ex-mayor’s bestie, Nashville’s very own La Raza queen, Renata Soto? Soto says that profiling is un-American. Why? Profiling is a standard technique used for enforcing the law, US law, law that illegal aliens have broken to be here.

    She says that we’ve rejected our nation’s values. Which ones, Renata? The values of national sovereignty? Or rule by Constitutional law? She says that we’ve set our state backwards. How? By rejecting the idea that uncontrolled, illegal migration is not good for the people of Tennessee who become victims of gang crime and pay the tax piper for the privilege of hosting illegal aliens?

    La Raza supporter Renata Soto’s tongue is not forked. It is so twisted in her whining rebuke, that her words lose their meaning. But then again, she’s a typical leftist working for a leftist/socialist organization that La Raza Randy supports. We know what Soto stands for. And now we know where Randy Boyd’s his true political “values” lie.

  5. Stuart I. Anderson

    Elections are all about choices and Randy! has established himself in a number of ways as by far the least desirable choice for conservatives in the upcoming Republican Primary. For every ounce of effort we expend now to see that he is defeated conservatives will save themselves much more than a pound of frustration over his antics as Governor over the next eight years. Much better the tepid conservatism of Black or Harwell in the alternative or even a gamble on no-record Lee than Randy!

    Now is the time to let our friends and family know just how undesirable Randy! is and why ANYBODY BUT BOYD is preferable.