NHL Won’t Say Whether Nashville Predators’ Endorsement of Briley for Mayor Violates League Rules

David Briley

The National Hockey League has failed to respond to multiple questions posed by The Tennessee Star Monday morning concerning whether or not the Nashville Predators’ endorsement of Acting Mayor David Briley in Thursday’s special mayoral election in Nashville/Davidson County violates league bylaws.

An employee of the NHL acknowledged receipt of the questions  early Monday morning, and promised the league would respond “in due course,” but as of the publication of this story early Tuesday morning, no such response has been forthcoming.

Here are the questions posed to the NHL by The Star:

1. Did the Nashville Predators ask the NHL for permission to make this endorsement of Acting Mayor David Briley or notify the NHL the endorsement would be made?

2. If so, what was the NHL’s official response to the Nashville Predators?

3. Does the Predators’ endorsement of Acting Mayor David Briley violate the bylaws of the NHL, specifically as those bylaws relate to promoting good relations within the community a franchise serves? Many residents of the Metro Nashville area–if not the majority–consider this endorsement a highly divisive act within the community by the Predators.

4. Did the NHL grant the Predators permission to use the Predators logo and mascot in the video in which Predators CEO Sean Henry announced the franchise’s endorsement of Acting Mayor David Briley?

This statement from the official NHL website suggests such permission would be required : “All NHL logos and marks and NHL team logos and marks depicted herein are the property of the NHL and the respective teams and may not be reproduced without the prior written consent of NHL Enterprises.”

5. If such permission was required and was not granted, what punitive action will the NHL take against the Nashville Predators franchise?

“The NHL is apparently trying to run out the clock so they don’t have to publicly respond to these important questions before Thursday’s special mayoral election.,” Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill said about the league’s failure to respond.

“But regardless of the outcome and Thursday’s election, the questions will not go away, and the damage the Predators have done to their brand won’t melt away anytime soon,” Gill concluded.

The Star gave the NHL multiple opportunities to respond prior to and well beyond our 5 pm Monday deadline, but beyond acknowledging the receipt of our first email, and  notifying us that a key executive in the public relations department would be our contact, the NHL offered no further communications.







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4 Thoughts to “NHL Won’t Say Whether Nashville Predators’ Endorsement of Briley for Mayor Violates League Rules”

  1. Brian McMurphy

    Not even Democrats support Briley but the Preds do.

    They have really stepped in it with this move. If the NHL doesn’t call them to heel or face some sanction then every team will start doing it. It will be a whole Kaepernick thing for the NHL.

    Yank their public funding if they want to be a PAC.

  2. lb

    I am done with the Preds. I unfollowed all their social media and will no longer support in any way, shape or form. First it was the Transit ad which was insulting. Then the bredesen lovefest at pregame and now this ill advised IN YOUR FACE briley endorsement. They have now told me 3 times they dont support what I support so I dont support them.

    Hopefully briley doesnt wind up winning so they will be forced to rethink these disastrous policities that alienate a large part of their fanbase.
    I thought the response in the article in that rag Tennessean over the weekend was arrogant as well. Only a couple of dozen emails and half were supportive? I dont believe it

  3. Floyd

    The team that can’t win a Stanley Cup is telling everyone how to vote, what a joke.

  4. Bruce

    I haven’t support this leftist organization since they have been there. I know they duped all the Tennessee people into thinking they were neutral. THEY ARE NOT, they are a leftist, Chuck Schumer supporting organization. Look what they stand for. Planned Parenthood, Sanctuary Cities, They have taken Tennessee’s money to back democratic candidates…#boycotttpreds.