Bredesen Digs Immigration Hole Deeper, Says Illegal Alien Army is ‘More of a Washington Issue’

Phil Bredesen is “talking out of both sides of his mouth,” the Tennessee Republican Party said in response to his latest missive on the illegal alien army marching toward the United States.

“Must be a day of the week that ends in ‘y,’” the GOP said.

To mark the occasion, the Tennessee Republican Party launched a new ad regarding the Democratic Senate candidate, which is available to watch here.

The GOP said Bredesen is scrambling to undo the damage he caused when, during a TV news interview, he smirked and said, “A few thousand very poor people coming to our border is not a threat to our, is not a threat to our security.”

After the Bredesen team dashed off an emergency op-ed to The Tennessean – which tried to walk back everything Bredesen said in the video – his team realized it wasn’t enough, and rolled out a new ad talking about how the man who called the wall “political theater” and said the migrant caravan was “not a threat” was tough on the border, the Tennessee Republican Party said in a press release.

The Democratic former governor’s latest missive is that the criminal illegal alien army is “more of a Washington issue.”

The GOP said, “Maybe Phil’s been spending too much time in his home state of New York, but he clearly hasn’t been listening to everyday Tennesseans’ concerns over illegal immigration. The disconnect between Phony Phil’s immigration claims and what he’s actually said are highlighted in a new digital ad from the Tennessee Republican Party.”

Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden said, “Immigration has been a complete blind spot for Phil this entire campaign – he doesn’t seem to realize what an important issue this is for Tennesseans. For Phil to write off concerns over illegal immigration as just a ‘Washington’ issue clearly shows he hasn’t listened to the people he’s trying to represent.”

The GOP’s new ad will run on all digital platforms statewide.

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