Parents: Williamson County Schools’ New Curriculum Claims President Obama Shipping 1.7 Billion Dollars in Cash to the Dictators of Iran Without Congressional Authorization Is an Achievement


On Friday’s Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – host Leahy welcomed Williamson County Schools parents Stefanie and Edina to the show to talk about the recent discovery of the new Tennessee “standard” curriculum for the county.

During the show, Edina said that parents are only allowed to view Williamson County Schools’ (WCS) new online social studies curriculum in person at the facilities of WCS under the supervision of WCS staff and disclosed what she learned in an in-person review of the curriculum with David Rector of WCS.

Edina highlighted a segment of the new curriculum that discussed the Obama administration’s so-called “achievements” and “setbacks.” Leahy and both parents were dumbfounded to learn about the subtle propaganda that is part of the curriculum.

Leahy: We have two special guests in the studio today, two parents from Williamson County. Edina, you are originally from

Edina: Hungary.

Leahy: Originally from Hungary.

Edina: And California so I escaped socialism twice.

Leahy: Well, maybe three times I don’t know.

Edina: I seem to have bad luck

Leahy: (Laughs) So you and you have a last name I can’t pronounce. So we won’t even try.

Edina: Better not.

Leahy: Do you have one or two children in Williamson County Schools?

Edina: I have a daughter.

Leahy: And also with us Stefanie Miles. Good morning Stefanie.

Stefanie: Good morning Mike.

Leahy: Great to have you here. You have what two kids in Williamson County Schools.

Stefanie: Yes sir I do.

Leahy: OK. Great. We’ll start off with Edina. Edina, when Stefanie approached me and provided us this information I was a little bit incredulous but you know we are the outlet of The Tennessee Star. We broke the story about WCS requiring its teachers to participate in “White Privilege” training last February. Chris Butler, the intrepid Chris Butler, our intrepid investigator. I think you’ve talked to him at various times. That under the leadership of the aptly named former superintendent, director of schools, Mike Looney.

And we’re not making that up. Mike Looney who’s now gone and taking his loonyism to Fulton County schools in Atlanta, mercifully. The teachers were being forced to sit through professional development training on white privilege. Which basically is white people are bad essentially. That’s not happening now, at least at the degree that it was before because of our reporting. We got the videos of it. Mark Levin covered it as well.

But Edina, I can’t believe this to be true, but do I have this right? There’s a new social studies curriculum in Williamson County for elementary school students and middle school students and it’s almost impossible for parents to see that curriculum because it’s online. Is that correct?

Edina: Yes. Yes, it’s correct. It’s actually K-12. It’s actually K-12.

Leahy: K-12. It’s not just high school?

Edina: And I would say actually the media sports are obviously in the high school curriculum.

Leahy: But if you’re a parent and you want to see what the new social studies curriculum in Williamson for your kids, can you see it?

Edina: Well, you have to call the central office.

Leahy: It’s not like they give you a document. Here’s the curriculum?

Edina: Even though it would be even easier.

Leahy: So they’re hiding this curriculum from parents?

Edina: Well, they would disagree with you.

Leahy: What would they say?

Edina: They would say they are providing access if you call them and make an appointment between the hours of nine to five and you sit in their offices next to a person who is at the laptop holding the mouse and the thing is projected…

Leahy: Is this like a national security secret? (Edina chuckles) This sound like something that if you were at the CIA you’d have to do?

Edina: Well and we asked obviously at the meetings if we can just view this from home instead of coming in here? And they were like, “No.” And I asked them, “Why? Why can’t we?”

Leahy: Who are the names of the individuals?

Edina: Initially, we were interacting with David Rector who is one of the people that developed the curriculum.

Leahy: Oh, so they’ve developed their own curriculum but they’re hiding it from us.

Edina: And I would say if you guys were really proud and confident about it then obviously you would let us see it.

Leahy: So David. What’s his background? Is he a graduate of Moscow State University or something? (Edina laughs)

Edina: I’m not sure what his background is.

Leahy: David Rector?

Edina: David Rector. He was a history teacher himself before he got into administration.

Leahy: Is he a big fan of white privilege also?

Edina: I’m not sure what are his personal beliefs.

Leahy: So did you go in?

Edina: I did yes.

Leahy: And what can you tell us about? Which curriculum did you view?

Edina: First I looked at the new Tennessee state standards because we knew that the curriculum was developed in response to that to satisfy those state standards. And I picked out a few because I knew I had limited time. I don’t have all day to sit next to this person.

Leahy: Really. What a shock.

Edina: I know right? Picked out the curriculum the new standard called US 95 describe the achievements and setbacks of the Obama administration. I was very excited about this because it was amazingly having just moved here from California, amazingly gutsy of Tennessee to actually have a standard that refers to something like a setback.

Leahy: An Obama Administration set-back.

Edina: I was like wow, this place is woke. (Laughter) So I go in there, into the offices. And I said alright let’s see this standard. I looked at David and I was like, “I think this is probably maybe the most suitable to be subject to indoctrination.” And he got very angry…

Leahy: He got angry at you?

Edina: Yeah. He said, “You know what? I’m actually really insulted by this.”

Leahy: Oh, he’s insulted?

Edina: Yeah, he was. That you think I want to indoctrinate your children.

Leahy: And they’ve been doing it for years.

Edina: And I said, “I’m insulted by the fact that you think we’re too stupid to actually log into this website and look at it from our homes.”

Leahy: Well, you have a right to see that by the way because you’re paying for it. What does the curriculum say?

Edina: So, the very first video that headlined the materials they collected for the standard was a video that was produced by the Wall Street Journal.

Leahy: OK.

Edina: And it was called ‘Obama’s legacy of 8 for 8.’ Meaning eight disappointments and eight achievements of the Obama administration. So here are a few of the achievements they have listed in this video. Stock market tripled. Obamacare was…

Leahy: An achievement?

Edina: An achievement.

Leahy: Its a debacle! A debacle of how to ruin healthcare.

Edina: And the woman who was anchoring that video, “But President Trump wants to repeal it.”

Leahy: OK. The debacle of Obamacare is called an achievement in this objective standard of Williamson County schools that they are hiding from parents.

Edina: Then the killing of Osama Bin Landen is another achievement. Same-sex marriage nationwide is…

Leahy: That’s an achievement?

Edina: Yes.

Leahy: OK. That right there they’re interjecting their own views.

Edina: Of course, they are. It’s so subtle. “He signed the Paris accords but again, President Trump wants to leave it.”

Leahy: The Paris Accords are an utter disaster. They’re forcing us to comply with all these ridiculous carbon-related rules that have no scientific impact. What a disaster that is. But Williamson County schools think it’s a great achievement.

Edina: So then other achievements were something about women’s rights, lifting ban on women in combat, bring[ing] the troops home and build[ing] bridges, for example, the Iran deal. (emphasis added)

Leahy: Building bridges? Like real bridges. Like the kind you drive cars and trucks over?

Edina: No, no, no. That the useful kind of thing. We’re talking about diplomatically. Like the apology tour.

Leahy: Oh, that’s an accomplishment?

Edina: Yes.

Leahy: OK. And the Iran policies are an accomplishment?

Edina: Yes.

Leahy: In Williamson County schools, listen to this folks. Apparently, according to the standards that this guy David Rector thinks are wonderful. It’s ok in Williamson County schools to teach your kids that without any congressional authorization President Obama shipping 1.7 billion dollars in CASH, in CASH to the dictators in Iran, that’s an achievement according to Williamson County public schools.

Edina: Yep.

Leahy: You can’t make this stuff up.

Edina: Now wait till the setbacks.

Leahy: Oh, these are these achievements!

Listen to the full hour here.

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    1. Sonya Yonge

      This is gossiping their opinion as a fact and children are taught to honor teachers as gospel of education 😡

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  3. Lee Stevens

    Why shouldn’t any citizen have access to the content being taught in public schools?

    1. Edina Nelson

      Mr. Stevens thank you for your comment. We are trying to rise up! We are fighting back but we need help! I have personally called for conservatives to run for the school board. The school board could change all of the above but they are mostly partisan liberals or rinos who are fine with the status quo. Please contact me if you would like to help. I can be reached at [email protected].

  4. Lee Stevens

    For God’s sake, rise up and take back your children. They are in the clutches of totalitarianism and are being reared as slaves to the state.