U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen Trash Talks MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell



MyPillow, Inc. CEO Mike Lindell has apparently triggered U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN-09).

As The Star reported this week, Lindell appeared alongside U.S. Republican President Donald Trump at a press conference and announced his company will manufacture face masks for hospitals across the country. Lindell said his company will do this to help alleviate the national shortage of N95 respirator masks in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. While there, Lindell encouraged Americans to start reading the Bible.

But Cohen, on Tuesday, took to Twitter to bash Lindell as just some guy who “makes pillows” and unless Lindell makes personal protective equipment “shouldn’t have been allowed to use the Bible and kiss #trump posterior.”

“There was absolutely no reason for this Guy to appear in a #coronaviruspress conference,” Cohen wrote.

Tweeting back at Cohen, the congressman’s supporters also took the occasion to deride and disrespect Lindell. But certain other people said Cohen acted out of line.

One Twitter user, @Absolutsam18, asked Cohen if he even listened to Trump’s press conference.

“He is converting 75% of his company to make masks. He plans on 50,000 masks a day by the end of the week,” @Absolutsam18 wrote.

“I’m pretty sure masks are in GREAT need and are part of PPE. Thank goodness you are not on the frontlines.”

@DannyTaylor64 said Lindell behaved no differently than an entertainer spouting politics at the Grammy Awards.

Another critic, @Friendspolitics, said he lived in Cohen’s district.

“Once again My @RepCohen rather keep the hate in his heart alive for Trump instead of caring for the American people,” @Friendspolitics wrote.

@stevieboy2967, meanwhile, addressed Cohen as “Col. Sanders” and told him to “sit down and shut up already.”

Finally, Twitter user @007Durham lectured Cohen with the following:

“Yes, how dare he help people by converting his pillow company into making face masks. You could act like a rep and say Thank You.”

This is not the first time Cohen has scorned people of faith.

As reported last year, people who testify before the U.S. House of Representatives no longer must say “so help me God” under oath. This delighted Cohen, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

Cohen reportedly said the following about people who want “so help me God” to come back:

“I think God belongs in religious institutions: in temple, in church, in cathedral, in mosque — but not in Congress,” Cohen reportedly said.

“And God doesn’t want to be used.”

Also, as reported, Cohen’s remarks at the time troubled evangelist Franklin Graham.

“We need more of God, not less! What @RepCohen is suggesting is what Communism did in Eastern Europe & is still doing in places around the world like Cuba. Communism only allows worship inside approved churches. God is our Creator & the maker of the universe,” Graham wrote at the time.

“He is present everywhere; He is not limited to churches or temples. The root of the issue is that many politicians don’t want God in any part of their politics or our country’s business because His standards condemn their sins.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Mike Lindell” and Background Photo “MyPillow Factory” by Mike Lindell.






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17 Thoughts to “U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen Trash Talks MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell”

  1. Frank List

    Cohen continues to do what most Tennesseans at one time considered to be impossible: he is so bad, he is even an embarrassment to the open, stinking sewer called Memphis

  2. CAMaven

    The Left HATES the daily briefings, because they present the Trump admin in a very positive way and crowd the Dem presidential campaign out of the news.

    No matter how MSM spins it, the country can see that Trump and staff are reasonable, dedicated and making things happen. That can’t be allowed to occur :-).

    1. Jonathan G Taylor


  3. Deb Spencer

    Oh brother when is the democratic s going to put aside their stupidity and get behind our President?
    I mean we had 8 yrs of the worst president obomic know
    We just had to look the other way while he sold Americans down the tube.
    So you libs and Dems just set back and get ready for 4 more yrs of the BEST president ever.
    God blessed Donald Trump 👌❤️😊🙏

    1. John Bailey

      Thank you President Trump you are the greatest president we have ever had.

      1. Jonathan G Taylor


  4. rick

    Cohen is simply a mirror of the voters he represents, does any more need to be said.

  5. Brook Bowers

    I am sure the Good People of Memphis are
    So Proud of their Representative! How in the world did this Jerk Cohen get elected? God be with the People of Memphis!

  6. Reggie M Churchwell

    Jerry Harwell *Cohen is joke! Where is bucket of chicken? I don’t think the Memphis Jewish community even likes him. Afro-American community an bleeding heart liberals vote him in, in my opinion.

  7. Jeff Sobel

    And God is clearly not in congress

  8. L. P. Barnett

    Of course Steve Cohen wants no mention of God in Congress! Of course he will denigrate Mike Lindell and his company! That is expected of a full blown Communist! The saddest thing is in America today, that mentality is the norm in the Democrat Party and not the exception.

  9. joeknows

    Cohen, you are pathetic.

  10. Sim

    I sure the people who elected him are quite proud they have a Representatives who represents their core values.

    1. unfortunatly @sim he must or he would not keep getting re-elected.

  11. William Finch

    What a disgrace little steve cohen is to our State of Tennessee. Only a Slim Bag would slam a Man, A real Man, for trying to help our USA through this trying time. Mike Lindell must be from Tennessee and a Real Volunteer. NUFF SAID!!

  12. Kevin

    What an idiot! When are the good people of Memphis going to kick this jerk out?

    At least Liddell is a recovered addict, who has made something of his life, and is now giving back! Cohen is a parasitic, political addict who has NEVER contributed a single thing to anything or anybody, EXCEPT, his own wallet!

    1. Paula J

      I fear Tennessee is like many other states that Obama brought many Islamic people into who choose not to assimilate. He put them in major cities that rule the state by voting numbers and unless we start rallying to the polls, we will end up like Virginia or Michigan, completely outnumbered.