Metro Council Passes Ordinance to Create ‘Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer’ and ‘Workforce Diversity Manager’ for ‘Social Justice’


Nashville Metro Council agreed to create two new positions relating to racial diversity, equity and inclusion for “social justice” on Wednesday. If approved by Mayor John Cooper, these two hires could cost taxpayers over $250,000 a year.

Cooper has already agreed to the creation of these positions, along with Director of Finance Kevin Crumbo and Director of Human Resources Shannon Hall. The ordinance passed unanimously without discussion, after a unanimous vote from the budget committee.

These new positions are considered “Top-Level Management” at Grade OR11 for the first position and Grade OR07 for the second position. Grade OR11 positions qualify for a salary ranging from $98,573 to $157,717. Grade OR07 salaries range from $71,522 to $100,427.

The ordinance explains that the first position, “Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer,” will oversee “diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the city.” The government will grant them the authority to ensure compliance with government-level initiatives and laws, provide county-wide training, and enforce diversity in hiring.

The second position, “Workforce Diversity Manager,” will develop recruiting and training programs focused on “diversity, equity, access, inclusion, and dialogue around social justice.” It appears this second position shares many similar duties to the first, but is slightly more involved with Human Resources.

Each hire must have a Bachelor’s Degree and four to five years’ experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Nashville is currently facing debt worsened by the coronavirus shutdowns. To offset the millions in losses, Cooper proposed a controversial 32 percent tax increase.

However, Cooper hasn’t expressed any intentions to furlough city employees. It appears from this ordinance that he is open to expanding city employment.

None of the council members behind the ordinance responded with comment by press time.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].
Photo “John Cooper” by John Cooper. Background Photo “Nashville City Hall” by Nicolas Henderson. CC BY 2.0.







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21 Thoughts to “Metro Council Passes Ordinance to Create ‘Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer’ and ‘Workforce Diversity Manager’ for ‘Social Justice’”

  1. Gordon Shumway

    Anything to piss away taxpayer money

  2. 83ragtop50

    Sure good to hear that Cooper and his sycophants are going to hire a couple of people to provide support for those getting discriminated against – We taxpayers, small business owners and hardworking white males.

  3. Megan Barry

    I’m throwing my hat in the ring. That is if I can get my felony conviction expunged.

  4. mm

    How about some new sidewalks?? In my neighborhood you have to walk on the street. Children have to ride their bikes in the street.

  5. William Bruce

    Nashville is a great town that needs a decent mayor. We need to find a way to find someone better than a buffoon like Cooper who could not care less for the citizens of Nashville.

  6. Beatrice Shaw

    I know my comment will not be posted because the moderator always deletes mine…talk about fairness. This is a good idea by Coper, however, and people (Rick) need to have more respect for their leadership and who the voters have put in charge. Social Justice (or the LACK thereof is very real. Systemic racism is very real and evident by many of the policies and ornaments (flags, statues, inscriptions, etc) here in this state. Equality for all in every aspect of government and law i the ONLY way we can all be prosperous, healthy, educated and have enough money to do more than just put food on the table.

    1. Bubba N

      I have no respect for a communist mayor who conspired with a communist health department to pommel conservative business owners and promote the CV hoax for political purposes.

      Next question?

    2. Bubba N.

      Are you talking about the same respect democrats have given Trump? I didn’t think so.

    3. Wolf Woman

      Beatrice, respect is earned and does not come as an appendage to the office of mayor. Are you suggesting that if we disagree with his actions then our ideas are not relevant and must be censored?

      I gather you are a Socialists who believes in equality of outcome, not equality under the law. I can give you the name of many elderly in the city on a fixed low incomes, so you can send them enough money or arrange through Metro government (public money) that they will have the same amount as John Cooper does from his salary. Isn’t that your idea of equality? Or do you think we should follow the Cuban socialist model where we’ll all be equally poor?

      Social justice is a marxist term and runs counter to the U.S. Constitution where the individual’s rights are protected, not societal groups. The idea that all individuals should be evaluated on their group identity is divisive at its core and a travesty of our Bill of Rights. And it is racist. No matter what race a person is, no matter how much melanin they have in their skin or what their culture is, they are a human being and, as Martin Luther King, Jr. put it so wisely, it is the content of the character that counts.

    4. Bill T.

      It’s not real at all. Show me the “reality” .

      historical statues are not anything more than a tribute to someone who created our countries history.

      Show me “systemic” racism

      Ridiculous leftist trying to fundamentally change our country. Love it or leave it

    5. Horrible spelling and grammar did not know we had a mayor named coper maybe time to put some better money into better schools where kids actually learn something ever since I was a little boy in Nashville every time politicians wanted to raise more money it was for the schools the schools Tennessee if I’m not mistaken is ranked number 48 in the quality of schools money not doing much good way back when the first car sticker was $10 before metro there were bumper stickers out no Thanksgiving turkey this year we had to give 10 for Ben Ben west being mayor then ought to be a new ruling if kids don’t pass mandatory summer school then maybe they would know that Cooper is our mayor instead of coper rephrase that Cooper is our mayor jury is still out on that one LOL

    6. Russ

      Your whole post is a bunch of bull! People from all races, creeds and colors get along on street level! Stop spreading the lies of the racebaiters line sharpton, jackson, etc. Sharpton hasn’t paid taxes in years! You think a white guy would get away with that? HA! We need to come together to make things better instead of whining and bellyaching about imagined demons!

  7. Bubba N.

    Mini Cooper and council are full-blown leftist creeps. They do not give a hoot about driving Nashville into bankruptcy because their goal is to destroy capitalism and freedom.

    Nashville’s government needs to be stopped. The question is: do taxpayers have the will to do it at the ballot box? Or, will Nashville devolve into a disgusting socialist pit like Seattle or Portland?

  8. John

    It is almost like Commie Cooper read Rules for Radicals…..

  9. justice

    I thought the city (Nashville) was broke & on the verge of bankruptcy yet Cooper wants to increase spending. The thought processes of Cooper are bizarre and frankly show a mental deficiency.

  10. Kevin

    Left out from this job description is that candidates must have 4 to 5 years, kissing Cooper’s ring!

    Nashville can’t pay it’s bills without dumping a 34/37% property tax hike, yet they can afford to give employee pay raises and hire more overpaid bureaucrats! Disgusting!

  11. Russ Crouch


  12. Trevor

    This is why we need a strong two party system in Nashville. The democrats have governed this city for 50 years! We are broke and by the way we (The Political Class) demand the ruling class pay another 34% in property taxes to support our out of control spending! Where is the local and State GOP? Please offer the voters an alternative to this hot mess of progressives. I predict the democrat, elected judge will block the good people of Nashville to have a vote to repeal the 34% property tax increase. Did you get a 34% pay raise last year?

  13. Rick

    Commie Cooper is a democratic liberal freak, a damn idiot. This ass has never tried to save a penny. This is just more assurance to retain the minority vote for the democratic communist party. Cooper is an arrogant piece of trash!!! We have to vote out every damn democrat to save the city.

    1. Trevor

      It starts with a strong state and local republican party that can field candidates fir every office on metro! Dud you get a 34% raise last year? Metro did with your property taxes!!
      Vote them all out! Recall them all starting now!!