NFL’s Sunday, Monday Night Ratings Hit to New Lows

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by Catherine Smith


According to Breitbart, Sunday Night Football’s Patriots-Ravens game last weekend was down 31 percent over last year’s Week 10 game making it the season’s least-watched Sunday game, Sports Media Watch reported.

“Ratings have dropped for all 11 NFL games on NBC this season, with viewership down for all-but-one,” SMW reported.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s Monday Night Football (Vikings-Bears) averaged 11.45 million viewers and was the series’ second-best Week 10 audience since 2015, it was still down 28 percent over last season.

With no competing 1:00 games on CBS due to the Masters, Fox earned 18.24 million viewers Sunday with its Buccaneers-Panthers game becoming the most-watched game since 2016 when a Week 16 game earned 18.40 million viewers on Fox on Christmas Eve.

However, the Seahawks-Rams and Bengals-Steelers games on Fox lost twenty percent and 13 percent respectively, Breitbart reports.

Airing opposite was CBS Bills-Cardinals game which was down 35 percent.

The NFL has seen its TV ratings consistently decline over the past few seasons.  A survey by Surveymonkey suggests one reason, when they asked respondents why they’ve avoided watching and attending NFL games this past season, many gave reasons related to players kneeling during the national anthem. Interestingly, both those who support and oppose the kneeling sought to avoid the NFL.

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5 Thoughts to “NFL’s Sunday, Monday Night Ratings Hit to New Lows”

  1. Roger

    The last time I watched Football, the Oakland Raiders were the original Oakland raiders and when they made their move to LA, I stopped watching football all-together, and have never looked back. I would rather do something then set and watch overpaid self-centered idiots complaining about how hard they have it because they are living under oppression in this country. The same applies to all pro sports. I use to watch an occasional Hockey game until they pulled the stunt they did during the playoffs this year. Now I could care less if if the hockey league folds.

  2. t zevo

    From up here (down morally) in Chicago: be wary to not let leftists get hold of your newspaper !
    Scum hole Illinois has failed beyond recovery, and as with our country, primarily because leftist media have failed completely in their duty under the concept of the 4th estate
    having been brainwashed into it by tenured pensioned tax sucking public employee union academics.

  3. Bubba Nasty

    Yawn. I guess the NFL did not want hard-working fans who are proud of the US. Looks like the BLM/Antifa/LGBTQXUY-whatever crowd isn’t filling the seats as the ChinoNFL execs hoped.

    I will never watch an NFL game again. Period. Same for NBA. These chumps can pound sand.

  4. 83ragtop50

    Are they still around? What a shame.

  5. Bill

    Go Woke-Go Broke
    I like it.