Nashville Police Say There Was ‘No Evidence or Reasonable Suspicion’ of Anthony Warner Building Bomb Last Year


Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) stated that last year’s investigation into the Nashville bomber yielded no evidence or suspicion of a crime. Chief John Drake revealed those details in a statement on Anthony Warner, the bomber linked to the Christmas Day explosion in downtown Nashville.

Drake explained that MNPD were called by an attorney to address a suicidal woman with two guns last August. The woman at the scene was Pamela Perry, Warner’s girlfriend at the time. She reported to police that Warner was making bombs in his RV trailer, and stated that both guns belonged to him. The attorney, Raymond Throckmorton III, reportedly represented both Warner and Perry.

After that day, Drake stated that the officers couldn’t discover any past arrest or military records on Warner. He alleged that Throckmorton warned the responding officers that they shouldn’t attempt to look inside the RV because “Warner did not care for the police” and he wouldn’t be able to convince Warner to allow police to do a search.

“Officer Pollard recalls the attorney saying that Warner [was] capable of making a bomb, but he didn’t believe he was doing so,” stated Drake. “At no time was there any evidence or reasonable suspicion that a crime was being committed, and our officers had no legal basis to go into Warner’s fenced-in yard or home during August 2019.”

Throckmorton contradicted Drake’s remarks, stating that he never told police that Warner wouldn’t consent to a search. He told reporters that he’d informed police of Warner’s past comments and abilities last year with the hope that law enforcement would investigate. The attorney also claimed that he never knew that no further investigation occurred thereafter.

“He was not a current client of mine at that point in time,” stated Throckmorton. “I certainly would never have told them not to check it out when I’m the one who said go the hell over there [to Perry’s house] and find out what’s going on.”

MNPD spokespersons didn’t respond with comment to The Tennessee Star by press time.

The MNPD released another statement on Thursday, revealing that the two guns collected during last year’s investigation at Perry’s house were never claimed.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].






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16 Thoughts to “Nashville Police Say There Was ‘No Evidence or Reasonable Suspicion’ of Anthony Warner Building Bomb Last Year”

  1. Joeblow

    Patsy all day long another jefferey Epstein situation!

  2. Noal Sartain

    If only he’d been a major Trump supporter.
    This whole thing could have been prevented.

  3. Ron Welch

    When someone makes an accusation against another person or calls law enforcement because they suspect something, they must have some ” probable cause”evidence and be able to swear out a warrant according to the 4th Amendment if they expect law enforcement to be able to enter and search private property. Evidently this wasn’t done and MNPD obeyed the law.

  4. Keystone Kops all over the place.

  5. Bob Marsh

    In a free society it’s hard to find and defend from the suicidal nut job.

  6. RLABruce

    This would only be expected if the bombing is a false flag event, the presumed “bomber” conveniently dying in the contrived explosion to tidy up any loose ends.

    Has anyone else noticed there’s been no information on the nature of the bomb? They say, “It might be an improvised explosive device made from propane tanks.” By now they should have confirmed that–and they have NOT.

    1. Ron Welch

      True! As usual, pertinent information is being withheld by the government and its media accomplices.

  7. Bart Moran

    If you see something, say something and expect nothing. As the late radio personality Paul Harvey used to say “The best security system is a nosy neighbor”.

    1. Phil M

      Amen to that…. agree 100% 👍🏼

  8. Titaniumman

    Looks to me like the Nashville police are trying to cover their rear ends

  9. Horatio Bunce

    Since it is now admitted that MNPD, and the ATF, and the FBI, and the Department of Defense all looked into Warner approximately 16 months ago, why did the lying feds have to “ask for our help” in identifying this man? Obviously that was a lot of “Patriot Act/DHS” involvement for what MNPD now says was nothing and they had no suspicion/cause.

    9-1-1 call at 10:24. Report says incident at 10:54. 30 minutes to respond to a report of a suicidal woman outside with multiple firearms…

    Why did the officers neglect to include in their report that the weapons were seized from the property of Perry?

    Obviously these did not trace back to Warner, or they could have had the courtesy to return them to the rightful owner rather than keep them for themselves. There would be no excuse to not have even spoken to him.

    Since there was no evidence of wrongdoing, record of Warner, suspicion of Warner, why wasn’t Throckmorton charged with filing a false report?

    1. jaycee

      ???? I’m not sure what you’re taking issue with. Are you upset that we have rights? The fact that they didn’t really have enough to pursue Warner further should make you happy that NOT ALL law enforcement violates our rights ALL the time. It’s a bummer that sometimes bad things happen….but such is life. Good grief.

      1. Horatio Bunce

        We don’t have rights thanks to the unconstitutional Patriot Act (2001 GW Bush). It allegedly “allows” all sorts of things to be done to us in the name of the War on Terror (TM) without cause, suspicion or due process, including indefinite imprisonment in Gitmo or CIA blacksites without a trial (2011 Obama/Sotero). That is why all these federal agencies were involved on the unsubstantiated rumor of Throckmorton. At least that is what is saying now. Because of that fact, the MNPD could have acted on Throckmorton’s rumor (and apparently they did because of all the fed agencies that became involved in 2019 – yet after the explosion acted like they didn’t know who Warner was and pretended to need the public’s help to identify – same as they did with Tsarnaev brothers). Their report only tells you what happened with that first response. And notice no weapons are mentioned in the report, but says they were taken and “never claimed”. Well, did they take any or not? If they didn’t take any, of course they were never claimed. If they took them, why aren’t they in the report?

  10. Glenn Rothwell

    No evidence except for someone specifically stating that “He’s building BOMBS in his RV.” LMAO

    1. jaycee

      Glenn, just because someone makes an accusation it doesn’t mean it is right or truthful. We have RIGHTS, and thank goodness we do because people like you would violate them based on ZERO evidence or proof. if you want to live world that is 100% safe then maybe you can move to a country with a police state….that way they can keep you safe.

    2. RLABruce

      Agreed! Why didn’t the cops get a search warrant for the RV?