Senators Blackburn, Hagerty Back Away from Trump to Certify Electoral College


U.S Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty (both R-TN) reversed course late Wednesday night and allowed Arizona’s disputed electoral votes to be counted, WJHL reported.

Just last week, the duo had pledged to contest the Electoral College results over voter fraud concerns, The Tennessee Star reported.

Blackburn tweeted, “I will vote in support of certifying the electoral college results.”

Blackburn seemed to blame the protest at the Capitol for her reversal, tweeting, “These actions at the US Capitol by protestors are truly despicable and unacceptable. While I am safe and sheltering in place, these protests are prohibiting us from doing our constitutional duty. I condemn them in the strongest possible terms. We are a nation of laws.”

Before the Capitol protest, Blackburn had tweeted, “Lots of Tennesseans in DC today to support President @realDonaldTrump. Tennessee stands with TRUMP!”

Congress ended up certifying the Electoral College for Joe Biden in the early hours of Thursday, The Center Square reported.

Blackburn’s and Hagerty’s reversal marks a major change from their relationship with the president.

Last July, Blackburn called Trump’s Independence Day speech at the annual Salute to America celebration “one of the best” of his presidency, The Star reported.

Going back to Blackburn’s entry into the U.S. Senate race in October 2017, she built her campaign on Trump’s popularity, saying, “I believe in President Trump’s immigration ban. And I’ll fight with him every step of the way to build that wall,” The Star reported.

And in 2019, Trump endorsed Hagerty even while he was serving as ambassador to Japan, before he announced he was running, The Star reported.

“Tennessee loving Bill Hagerty, who was my Tennessee Victory Chair and is now the very outstanding Ambassador to Japan, will be running for the U.S. Senate. He is strong on crime, borders and our Second Amendment. Loves our military and our vets. Has my complete and total endorsement,” Trump wrote on Twitter Friday afternoon.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.

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28 Thoughts to “Senators Blackburn, Hagerty Back Away from Trump to Certify Electoral College”

  1. Susan Laugherty

    I voted for Trump but this isn’t even about Trump. This is about protecting our election process! I voted for both of them but these two are cowards and not up for the job of protecting this country from people and groups who will take it down. If protecting the integrity of our elections is not THE most important task they have as our representatives, then I don’t know what is!!! They both deserve to see first hand what it means to be voted out because of election fraud. It really may happen because they were so weak which makes it easier for people to launch a full scale fraud to turn Tennessee not only blue but also socialist. However, I’m betting they will fight election fraud if it relates to them! If that is their standard, then our country is doomed. Does anyone have the courage to challenge these people???? I don’t think so and it breaks my heart for this country all that have fought and died to keep us a democratic republic. Read George Washington’s farewell address and you will see that he predicted what would happen to this country with a weak legislature and lack of religious, moral standards. Washington said, “… Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and morality are indispensable supports. ”. 2022 is looming my friends. Who will challenge these weak Tennessee Senators? Rep. Tim Burchett managed to stand his ground!!! We need to ask ourselves why it seemed these senators jumped on the chance to change their positions.

  2. Jose Jimenez

    Dear Senator Hagerty,

    It is with sadness that I write to you about your faintness of heart and desertion of President Trump. Your willingness to accept the election results in Arizona, in the presence of blatant vote theft, boarders on treason. Your career will likely reflect this in the future. There are thousands of Tennesseans who still love our country over ourselves. Apparently you are not one of them. I wish you well as you fade from the public view. Someone will arise to replace you and actually represent us, for surely you have become part of the swamp you promised to help drain.

    Yours Truly,

    Nick Augenstein

    1. Cheri Hall

      Well said!

  3. Ashamed

    Cannot wait until 2022, that is if this country as we know it is still standing. Neither one of you, Blackburn and Hagerty, will have my support. I will see to it that my circle remembers your cowardice on Jan 6th. Also, I will be changing my political affiliation to independent. I am no longer a republican. Not one red cent will ever be contributed to a campaign again!

    1. Jeffrey Hedberg

      Agree looking how to get them out sooner so they can’t screw anything else up

  4. SP

    I thank Prest Trump for exposing the corruption in the Democrat AND the Republican party. Blackburn and Hagerty are sell outs. VERY disappointed in both of them and neither will receive my vote ever again. I’m now an Independent since we no longer have a Republican Party that is conservative. I do believe, along, with 74 million plus Americans that President Trump won the election and was not allowed to have his day in court thanks to liberal judges,etc. The accomplishments our President had in just 4 short years were unbelievable all taken away by a “virus” that has a 99% cure rate. This was the master plan of the liberals to shut down our economy and they did. They may try but will not silence our voices. We will have a voice in the future. God Bless President Trump and America.


      “liberal judges?” Such as Gorsuch, Barrett? You must be an idiot.

  5. Kathy Page

    We, the people, vote our Representatives and Senators to office to speak for us and they should respect our way of thinking. If they don’t intend to take up for us, they should never want the job. Seems like our elected officials care more about their careers than the people they represent in their state. I didn’t expect a cave-in by Marsha Blackburn but was not surprised with Bill Hagerty.

    I don’t usually get involved in politics to this point and have never written a letter to our representatives on what I didn’t like. Most of the time I take it with a grain of salt and get over it because I’m not the only person in this world and it is not about me. I have watched the news from the Democratic and Republican angles on, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX news. I don’t just listen to the stations that praise Trump and I’m not saying President Trump is perfect and has not made his mistakes. I can see that the Democrats do not intend to work with Republicans and anyone that think they will may be surprised. They would like to reprogram the republicans into their way of thinking or “get out” as I have heard from some democrat representatives. This is nonsense, when were the democrats informed that their way of thinking was the right way and by whom. It’s like kids playing marbles, “If I can’t win, I’ll take my marbles and go home” This country is great because we had two parties watching over the other. I’m afraid the two party system is history. We fight to keep it alive and we get persecuted or punished. Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty, I hope you give a thought to what you have done, Trump has not hurt this country any more than you and others like you that are caving in to the Democrats because it is convenient. It takes backbone to stand up for this country. I’m not angry because President Trump lost the election and Biden won nor am I angry because the election commission declared no fraud in the 2020 election; what makes me angry is that the one sided democrats can do and say one thing but if the republicans do the same, they are evil. Who is the evil one? Time will tell and God will sort it out.

    1. dorothy bowman

      hard to believe u done this marsha ,because of some ,and was terrible but to let the rest of us down ,now see all that is happening ,why wasnt this rioting stoped last yr ,so much corruption in the capital ,no jobs ,sick pple no funds for the poor ,god help us all …i was angry ,but now hurt ,,one day didnt warrant this ,mrs.bowman sad for america now,im 76 and my race has been almost ran but my kids and grand kids great what will they face,so sad

  6. Aldo Gargano

    Very disappointed with both Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty, I voted for you and donated to your campaign. Dont expect any more money or support from me or my family for you two are now dead to me!!!

    1. AugieDawg54

      Amen! That goes double for me!!

  7. 83ragtop50

    No surprise here.

  8. CMinTN

    RINO trash! You here that Scott Golden? We will never support your RINOs ever again. Quit with the beg letters, we are done with you ilk and pledge to unseat the traitors.

    1. Jack

      Scott Golden is out of Touch! We need new leadership! House republicans in TN are being raided by the FBI today. Don’t give the TN GOP any money or support until they pledge support for MAGA! Get rid of the TN gop leaders. Washington and Nashville has forgotten they work for the people! Hagerty and Blackburn have forgotten that! The next time they a have a vote to continue with the US constitution and a tragic event happens before the vote in Washington using Hagerty and Blackburns reasoning with their vote for Voter Integrity Hagerty and Blackburn would vote to do away with our constitution! They are out of touch with the working people. They are Washington Swamp Creatures. Marsha has been in Washington since 2003! Long enough! This has become a source of income for her and her family, no longer public service! Recall Hagerty and replace him with Governor Lee….

    2. Trevor

      Blackburn and Hagerty do not represent Tennesseans! They represent the RINOS and the swamp! Hagerty has not been sworn in for 10 days and he has not kept his word to support investigating the elections reversing his promise! Hagerty also promised as a candidate to support the president! He has no personal integrity and used Trump to win the primary.He chose the DC swamp over hardworking Tennesseans. Please let’s recall him, someone start a recall petition if he will not resign!!!! Let’s ask Trump to hold a rally in Tennessee for us to sign the petition. He betrayed Trump, America and Tennesseans. Recall Hagerty! Maybe swamp Queen Marsha who has served in Washington since 2003!
      Recall Hagerty and Blackburn now!

  9. David Blackwell RN, BSN

    Swamp creatures for sure. I am willing to bet they will support any new war Biden launches, as they wrap themselves in a flag. Unreal the lack of leadership we have in this Republic.

  10. Noxville

    “Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean; remove the evil of your deeds from before my eyes; cease to do evil, learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.” – Isaiah 1:16-17

    P.S. – THANK YOU to Reps. Burchett, DesJarlais, Fleischmann, Green, Harshbarger and Rose for protecting our Republic by standing for election integrity. Patriots will remember your commitment to liberty and your courage. See voting results here:

  11. Karen

    Hagerty has now demonstrated that he is a RINO! Let’s see if I understand an event Happens in Washington, so now I break my word to Tennesseans that sent me to Washington to represent them. Hagerty and Blackburn are out of touch, they put Washington events and needs ahead of Tennesseans. Marsha you have been in Washington 18 years isn’t time to come home? what else can you accomplish there? You don’t keep your word on election fraud and election integrity. Please file a bill for term limits in congress. This would be a great thing to do for our country and your legacy other than not keeping your word. You are becoming more like Mitch McConnell everyday. Pease keep your word and put Tennesseans first. Hagerty is a lost cause. Dr Manny please keep relevant and run in the primary with Marsha. Trump will not get involved as he did with Hagerty. Marsha has proven she is not loyal to anyone but herself and the establishment

  12. Jack

    As a Tennessean, it is hard to believe anything that Hagerty and Blackburn say publicly when they tell us one thing, but then quickly change their vote on matters that are very important to many Tennesseans. When an event in Washington happens, Tennessee voices are no longer important to Tennessee senators because Washington events seem to be much more important to our senators. Many Tennesseans have real concerns that the elections were stolen and that there is no election integrity. Please – Senators Hagerty and Blackburn – I know you that you are dealoing with difficult events in Washington that have recently occurred, but please do not lose sight of your people in TN who need their voices heard. Please spend more time out of Washington to understand why people do not trust Washington. You were elected to represent Tennesseans’ concerns, not Washington concerns! Please don’t support Mitch, Thune, Blunt, Barrasso as they seem to be out of touch with the normal people in the country. Please replace them with new senators that are not part of the establishment. We need real conservatives that put Tennesseans first, not just working for the usual corrupt Washington establishment.

  13. Trevor

    Happy New Year Tennessee! I predict RINO Hagerty will be voting with RINO Mitt Romney before 2021 ends! Little Bob Corker 2.0!! Blackburn and Hagerty both betrayed the people of Tennessee by changing their position to challenge the stolen election. So SADDD for TN and our Country….

  14. Nancy

    Blackburn and Hagerty are drinking the Washington cool aide! They live in the Washington Bubble! People in Tennessee are not being herd, we send RINOs to Washington, to support Mitch and he always seems to get his wife a secretary position with the Republican President-Elaine Chow! Washington GOP needs a new set of leaders Mitch, Thune, Blunt are out of touch. I was screaming loudly on this site about my concerns with Hagerty being a Haslam RINO! Can I say little Bob Corker! We need a new congressman from TN 5th to replace liberal Jim Cooper! Please re district him out TN legislature!!!!

  15. Karen

    Yeah, no surprise here….we’ve always known they were RINOS. Thanks for nothing you two! Let this be what you look back on to see where you went wrong and let the country be taken over by chi-coms!

    1. Philip Hopper

      You are absolutely correct. Really disappointed in Blackburn expected it from Hagerty

  16. Julie

    Some have suggested that there was a plan for outside groups to do this which is why security was so lax so that it could disrupt proceedings and lead to what happened – people like Blackburn and Hagerty backing down and the certification as Biden as president. They both know that certification of illegal electoral college votes is unconstitutional but voted to anyway. Neither one will do what is right and take on the swamp, they both should be primaried next go around. Blackburn might not run again since in Dec. she was talking about term limits and may be signaling her exit. If she believed in term limits why did she run for Senate since she has been in DC in the House since 2003? Anyway, expect more smoke and mirrors from both while they pretend to be for you and not the establishment. And please continue to let them know what you think about their votes, action, and inaction moving forward. They are hoping this dies down and they go back to the swamp.

    1. Sharon Mauze

      I COMPLETLY agree with both Blackburn and Hagerty voting for the VERIFIED AND LEGAL electoral votes that elect the POTUS. The election was FAIR AND LEGAL and now is OVER.

      1. AugieDawg54

        No Sharon, it has only just begun. You will have to learn the hard way I guess. I’m not going to any rally or participate in any protest. I will simply watch what happens in the next few days. We will see just how “over” this thing really is. I believe you are going to rue the day you said this. May God have mercy on you.

  17. Betrayed by TN GOP

    TN Trump supporters after been Stabbed in the Back, “ET TU MARSHA AND BILL”